mwParkour2 is a plugin that i created originally for my server. If you have any ideas for the plugin, post it in comments !

mwParkour2 Polish Tutorial
or Create a new parkour

Features :

  • Multiworld !
  • Checkpoints !
  • One scoreboard per map.
  • Respawn if player fall in lava or water (Configurable per map)
  • Control scores (eg remove a player scores/reset scores on a map or on all)
  • Rewards (Economy & command) and cooldown !

Commands :

  • /pk - Show mwParkour2 help
  • /pk new <mapName> <mapCreator> - Create a new map
  • /pk done - Confirm and create the map
  • /pk setSpawn <mapNumber> - Set the map spawn
  • /pk changeMapCreator <mapNumber> <creatorName> - Change the name of the creator
  • /pk changeMapName <mapNumber> <mapName> - Add a name to a map
  • /pk setLobby - Set the lobby (when you finish a map)
  • /pk toggle <mapNumber> - Toggle the map (If player can do the parkour)
  • /pk remove <mapNumber> - Remove a map
  • /pk resetScores <mapNumber> - Reset All scores for a map
  • /pk pReset <player> [<mapNumber> / all] - Reset scores for a player
  • /pk mapList - Show all the maps
  • /pk best <mapNumber> - Show Best score on a map
  • /pk leave - Leave the map
  • /pk join <mapNumber> - Join a map
  • /pk toggleWaterRespawn <mapNumber> - Toggles Water repsawn on this Map
  • /pk toggleLavaRespawn <mapNumber> - Toggles Lava repsawn on this Map

Permissions :

  • parkour.use - Use the parkour
  • parkour.admin - All mwParkour commands
  • parkour.mapeditor - For /pk [changeMapCreator, changeMapName, remove, setSpawn, new] and place special sign

Special signs :

You need permission parkour.mapeditor to place these signs.

1st Line2nd Line3rd Line
Map info:[pk2]infos<mapNumber>
Map scoreboard:[pk2]best<mapNumber>
Last map scoreboard:[pk2]lastBestScores
Map join:[pk2]join<mapNumber>
Join last map:[pk2]joinLastMap
Map leave:[pk2]leave

This plugin is using Metrics, more info here !
mwParkour2 Stats

Softdepend: Vault for money rewards
Servers using mwParkour2
Source code on GitHub

License mwParkour2 by monowii is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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