Multiple Iterations of same song in version Music v2.7.09 and Music v2.7.11 for MC 1.10 #4

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  • 018810 created this issue Nov 5, 2017

    First I would like to say thank you so much for such a wonderful plugin!!

    This is why I think that it is so important to report bugs.


    There are two bugs but I think they both are related to the same command:

    /Music addToQueue [Songname] [ID]


    With the first bug using the command /Music addToQueue [Songname] [ID] the song plays through the first time perfectly but just before it ends another iteration of the same song begins to play at the same time in an infinite loop of two iterations of the same song playing at the same time just slightly unsynchronized.


    With the second bug it is the same problem as the first but it concerns stopping it. It is that the command /Music removeFromQueue [queue] [ID] doesn't work, but if I use /Music listStationSongs [ID] then from the output of this command which is the number of the song and the station number I can use /Music removeFromQueue  [station ID] [number of the song] and end the loop.


    Thank you so much!!


    I tried both versions Music v2.7.09 and Music v2.7.11 for MC 1.10 both had the same problems.




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  • Zombie_Striker_bukkit posted a comment Nov 6, 2017

    Hello 018810,


    I have tested both commands, and I could not replicate the problems. However, I just uploaded an update (version 2.7.15) which some make sure that these issues do not occur.


    In case the update does not fix the problems, please do the following:

    1. For issue 1, make sure you are using the default- test music pack, and you are using default music sounds. If the problems still occur with the default sounds, please post the console logs in case there are any errors. However, if using default music fixes the problem, and the issue only occurred with custom music, then the issue may be caused from the custom files, in which case verify that the names of the songs and the time for each of the songs are correct.
    2. For issue 2, this represents an issue with the internal coding of the plugin, which should not occur. If the issue still occurs on 2.7.15, then I will need you to post the console logs and upload the jar file, in case the file has been corrupted.

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