What is Music

Music was created to allow players to easily play custom loops on servers. The reason this plugin was created was to have the ability to play music or loops without replacing any existing base Minecraft sounds. The way this plugin works allows for players to create a loop (a sound the repeats after a certain amount of time) in specific areas of the world. This plugin naturally can support up to 220 loops being played at once, but this can be configured to be hundreds of thousands if needed. When setting up a song, you would use the command /Music play [SongName] [ID], where [SongName] is the name of the sound, and [ID] is the ID of the station you want to handle the song.


  • Adds the ability to play songs in MineCraft using resource packs
  • Can have multiple Resource packs/ Music files on per server.
  • Links to download Resource packs are configurable
  • Time each song will be replayed are Configurable
  • Each player has control over their Track, no one can stop or change another person's song unless they are OP
  • Works on all versions of Bukkit

To learn how to add new songs, look at the READ ME.txt that gets generated in the Server/plugins/Music folder after you start the server with the plugin loaded at least once.


/Music     Controls all Music Commands
/Music setUpStation [Songname using tab] [ID]     Plays [Songname] on Station [ID]
/Music addToQueue [Songname] [ID]     adds Song [Songname] to a queue
/Music removeFromQueue [queue] [ID]     Removes song at index [queue] from queue
/Music clearQueue [ID]     clears station's queue.
/Music Help     Lists all commands
/Music ListStations [Page]     Lists all stations active, the song, who owns it (if anyone does)
/Music PlayOnce [Songname using tab]     Plays the song once. It is the same as vanilla Minecraft's /playSound [Sound]



  • music.* --- Give access to all permissions
  • music.admin -- Currently, the same as 'music.*'.
    • music.changevolumetoglobal -- Allows users to change the volume of the jukebox to "global"
  • music.default -- Allows users to place jukeboxes, change the station, and the volume
    • music.usejukebox -- Allows users to interact with jukeboxes for Music
    • music.placejukebox -- Allows players to place jukeboxes.
    • music.changesong -- Allows players to be able to change the station used for jukeboxes
    • music.changevolume -- Allows players to change the volume of the jukebox

Resourcepacks for Clients and Sound adder for Server


RandomBits1 : Comes With Download

List of Plugins/resourcepacks that use Music

Dependencies and Compatibility

There are no dependencies. Compatibility issues may occur if the Client(player online) has conflicting names on their resourcepack. (e.g. A song on the server called "Crash" may conflict if player has resourcepack that has a different sound named "Crash") Songs are case sensitive, so if a song on the server does not have the same name, but with different capital letters (E.G. 'Piano' and 'PianO' ), the players may not hear the music.


Adding new sounds

If you wish to add new sounds to your game, read this tutorial:

Developer Information

If you want to learn how to create your own resourcepacks, look at the READ ME.txt

Music is now an API, so your plugins can now play custom music. Music.playSound(String songname, int StreamID, Location location, String owner) The songname is the name of the song (CaSe Sensitive) StreamID is the ID of the steam that this loop will play on, location is the location that the loop will be played at, and owner is the owner of the stream (can not be null, you should use the name of your plugin if you don't want a specific player editing anything)

Music.playSoundOnce(String songname, Location location) songname is the name of the song (CaSe Sensitive) location is the location the sound will be played

Music.removeSound(int StreamID) StreamID is the ID of the stream the sound is playing on.

This plugin does update automatically:

This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)

# Updater by ArsenArsen
# Global config
# Sets should updates be downloaded globaly
update: false


How to Install

  • Drop the Music.Jar and Music file into your plugins folder
  • Restart your server


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