Spigot 1.13: The specified player @p is not found #208

  • Cassolotl created this issue Jul 25, 2018

    I've set up a Spigot 1.13 server, and I'm installing all my community's established plugins to test them out.


    With Multiworld, I've got my creative world folder all set up, my config file for Multiworld has been copied over, and I've made a command block with this command, which worked on the old server:


    mw move @p world_creative 194.5 67 -9.5

    I'm getting the error message "The specified player @p is not found", and nothing in the console.


    Other command blocks with @p are working fine.


    Does anyone have any ideas? :S


    Is this plugin still in active development, or would I perhaps be better off looking for alternative plugins?


    Thanks! :)

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