The MultiLogger Plugin helps Admins to know what their Users do! Currently you can look what a Player has written at a specific time and which Commands a Player has used at a specific time! In future you will be able to see who hit another Player at a specific time, who placed which Block at what time and more.


  • Logging:
    • Logging Commands and the Time when it was used.
    • Logging the Chat and the Time when anything was Written.
  • Reading:
    • Admins can read when someone used any Command.
    • Admins can read when someone wrote anything in the Chat.

How To Install

  1. Download the .jar of MultiLogger.
  2. Place it into your plugins Folder.
  3. Restart the Server! DO NOT ONLY RELOAD!


  • /ML or /MultiLogger for Information and help about the plugin.
  • /ML Chat <Page> to see what the last messages of the whole Server were.
  • /ML Chat <Player Name> <Page> to see what the last messages of the Player were.
  • /ML Cmd <Player Name> <Page> to see what the last Commands the Player used were.
  • /ML Live <Player Name> to see live what Commands a Player is using.


  • Whole Plugin Control : multilogger.*
  • /ML Chat <Player Name> <Page> :
  • /ML Cmd <Player Name> <Page> : multilogger.cmd
  • /ML Live <Player Name> :

To Do

  • Loggers:
    • Add a Block Logger
    • Add a Damage Logger
    • Add Global Chat Logger [Added in 1.3]
  • Other:
    • Add a Language File
    • Add Permissions [Added in 1.1]
    • Add Bypass Permission
    • Add Enable/Disable Command
    • Add MySQL Support [Not wanted from Users]
    • Add Spy Cmd (Live showing which Commands someone is using) [Added in 1.3]


Craftbukkit-1.5.1-R0.1 or later


No Bugs Known. But If you find a bug post a comment or open a ticket.


1.3: Fixed Bugs, Updated to 1.6.4 and added new Features:

- Fixed: If there is an odd number of written messages and you want to read the last page you will get an error.

- Feature: Added a Global Chat Command (To get what was written in general so it is not userspecific).

- Feature: Added Live Commands Listener to Spy Players Live.

1.2: Fixed Bugs and Updated to 1.6.1:

- Fixed: If Player has wrote less than 10 Times or used Commands less than 10 Times the check for recently used commands or written things will fail.

1.1: Added Permissions:

- /ML Chat <Player Name> <Page> :

- /ML Cmd <Player Name> <Page> : multilogger.cmd

- Full Plugin Control : multilogger.*

1.0: Release

Other Languages of the Page:

German, French


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