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MoBlocks - new blocks for extended resourcepacks


It is possible with 1.7.10 or lower and MCP or Optifine (mostly every player has) to add textures to blocks you couldn't use before (e.g. stone with meta data value of 10). You may know the MetaCycler plugin, so this plugin allows you to craft all these blocks in survival and to use them on your map.

Here you can find a great tutorial on how to create such a pack


  • A library of all /recipes
  • New Blocks including special drop behavior, actions on clicks and chest like behavior
  • New Recipes including furnace recipes, shapeless recipes, shaped recipes
  • Included blocks for the most popular pack: Conquest
  • Some special recipes for special blocks (craft saddle, nametag, telescope bow, beer in 3 strenghts, butter and cheese tools, swords and armor, and some more)
  • Fix of the vine place bug (try placing multiple vines on a single block) upto two vines/block


All configurations are pre-generated and will be filled with the standart values. Anyways here are some examples:

  • use.Conquest - should the plugin set the behavior of the basic blocks to them of Conquest?
  • use.Addons.(butter, cheese, sandwiches, ...) should these additional recipes be added?
  • actions.dropsInCreativeMode: should the special blocks be dropped in creative?


/recipe <block you want to craft OR in: + the materials you want to use



(4Developers) Your own block functions -> MoBlocks as API

If you have an own extended texturepack you can use your own block features. For that you just have to write a plugin (you'll find tutorials on that on the web) and include the MoBlocks plugin in your libraries. Click here to get to a little documentary

I use Metrics to see how many peps of you are interested in updates ;P. It wont do you any harm


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