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Basic Description:

This plugin allows users and/or Admins of the server to clean or clear up entities or entity space. This is useful when you destroy a chest and gunk comes out and you want to clear it.

Full Description:

The mop plugin allows server admins and users to clear out entities on the ground (or dropped items). Of where the player is standing in, the range is from 0-10 blocks radius of a disc, (much like VoxelSniper disc brush) While admins can have an extended range of 30, in diameter. The mop plugin is designed for server admins, or moderators who want to remove any entities’ in a certain range, without clearing out any outside of it. This is very useful when entity’s are taking up entity space, on your server making a certain area on the server laggy. (Much like me accidentally truing a mountain into 1,000,000 flowers, and it in turn lags out the server and freezes it as well.)

How to use the plugin

The player must first do /mop giving him a 346 or a fishing rod and will display this message in his command. An admin/user cannot do any of these commands without 346

  • Mop away!
  • (In Red)Warring you cannot undo when you have moped up the floor. Allowing them to do the /mop <range> command Other warning’s is when an admin’s range increases to more than 15 saying this:
  • (In Red)Warring large range detected use with precision.

When a user has done the command it will show this in there chat box.

  • Moped up <amount of entities> Its now sparkley clean!

When a user does /mop info it will show them this: Mop, clears up entities within a certain range, of 1-10 of where you are standing in. You can do /mop r <range from 1-10>

  • (In Red) Warning there is no undo. Admins have an extended range of the plugin they have the /mop ar <range from 1-30> or mop.range.admn

Main Feature:

  • Clears up dropped (tiems/boats/arrows/xp-orbs) or entities, within a range of 1-10 for members. While Admin's have an extended range of 1-30.


  • /mop
  • /mop r <range form 1-10> <Items,Boats,Arrows,XP orbs>
  • /mop ar <range from 1-30> <Items,Boats,Arrows,XP orbs>
  • /mop info

Permission nodes:

  • mop.use
  • mop.range.user
  • mop.range.admn
  • mop.*

Other plugins uses:

  • Cleaning up PvP arenas.
  • Cleaning up large areas of entities
  • For use of Creative server's
  • Ram clearing.

Special Thanks to:

  • @krconv who coded the plugin and allowed me to move it to Bikkit Dev.
  • Cookies to him :3



Current version

  1. Version 1.0 [ CB 1.2.5 ]

Download link:

  1. Version 1.0 [Mop 1.0]


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