With MonsterIRC you are able to connect to an IRC channel and use

that channel to monitor in game chat. You are able to:

  • Chat from Multiple IRC channels to the game!
  • Use our unique mini-plugin system to enhance your experince!
  • Configure every aspect of MonsterIRC with ease!
  • Moderate your server from IRC using your mobile phone!
  • Send commands from IRC with configured commands per channel and rank (OP, voice, user)!
  • Use IRC with minecraft to its full potential!

Chat Compatibility

Admin Chat Options

  • mcMMO Admin Chat - Use the admin chat option as it hooks into mcMMO.

Normal Chat Options

  • Herochat - Able to hook into channels and use them to allow players to communicate with IRC users.
  • Towny - Use towny's chat system
  • All chat plugins - Use the global chat option


Depends on Vault



Mini-plugins are a way to enhance MonsterIRC. This allows limitless features on MonsterIRC while keeping the core features the same! Visit our plugin repo today to download the plugins of your choice!

Commands and Permissions

Source & API

Found a bug or have a feature request?

Add it to my GitHub issue tracker:

Anything not in the tracker (excluding donation requests) Will not be done!

Servers using MonterIRC

Here is the list of some servers using MonsterIRC

Donate to MonsterIRC

Benefits of being a donor?

If you donate over 5$ and have a feature request, your request becomes top priority! Remember that every donation helps! :)

Paypal Donation Link


Need some help? Want access to the latest dev build? Hop on our IRC! Server: Channel: #MonsterCode



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