Monster Apocalypse v9.0b


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    Aug 13, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R1.0


Version B notes:

  • Split the zombie sounds into hits and destroys.
  • Added an option to have separate mega-aggro ranges in the daytime.
  • Added a flag for minimum distance to sprint (advanced properties->speed) using mega-aggro, originally static 12.

Version A notes:

  • ONLY runs on CB-1.3.1, updated
  • Added sounds for Zombies destroying blocks as they hit it, adding tons of realism, enabled by default with a flag added in the general section below the original wall attack toggle. PLEASE NOTE, these sounds will occur for attacks on worldguard protected blocks, however they will not be able to actually break the blocks.
  • Zombies were destroying blocks five times slower than the config specified, this has been fixed.
  • You may now set bonus and naturalistic spawning to scale up with distance from the spawn, disabled by default.
  • Fixed Iron Golem spawning (test)
  • Fixed wolf damage, should work in all cases now
  • Added basic wolf properties
  • Fixed the 'register spawn point' flag, was previously inverted [false=true, true=false].

* You cannot replace irongolem spawns with something else.
* Worldguard blocks are not checked for the sound byte, but still are protected from zombies.