Monster Apocalypse v5.0


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    Jan 25, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R1


5.0 Release notes:

  • Added naturalistic bonus spawns. -With this system, you can spawn bonus spawns the same way as normal minecraft does, but better! Set to defaults, this can be used to replace natural spawning with about the same rate and population of mobs.

-If you change the tick period, you can make a server with much much lower natural spawn rates, without the cpu hog of simply setting regular natural spawn rates very low.

-Or, for example, you could multiply the spawn attempts per tick by ten and create a hell on earth.

-Or, my personal favorite, set the server to always day and spawn rates to 100x normal, making caves impossibly dangerous.

-This new system looks at how many players are nearby and slashes spawn rates for each, such that mobs will never spawn too close to players, nor will they multiply when players work together.

  • Fixed a large amount of severe bugs introduced in 4.1.
  • Added a variable allowing you to adjust how far skeletons can see vertically for super arrows.
  • Added a shot chance variable allowing for more randomized shot patterns.
  • Fixed spawnymax, which was causing a critical error in 4.1.
  • Added a vertical sight variable to mass-aggro.
  • Vast performance improvements on bonus spawns, particularly when using a large count and a low chance.
  • Corpse piling will now allow you to toggle off actually killing the monster doing the pile.
  • Fixed a moderate bug where the spawnpoint list names were being duplicated.
  • Fixed a ton of moderate config bugs.
  • Fixed a bug involving wolf/slime damage.
  • Added an API for health, use getHealthManager() to access the fields.
  • Changed spawnlistener priority from highest to high to improve compatibility with other mods.
  • Moved to the new 1.1 recommended build event system.
  • Various bugfixes, mostly null pointer exceptions.