This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

MoneyDrop, the original money dropping plugin, is back and better than ever!

MoneyDrop drops virtual money, represented by an ingame item, when a mob or player dies. This money can be picked up by players, but will go into their wallet instead of their inventory. Vault and an economy plugin supported by Vault are required to run MoneyDrop.

Help support the development of MoneyDrop: Donate today! Every little bit helps!

Note: MoneyDrop version 2 uses different settings than version 1. Read the following instructions before updating or things will break!
How to set up MoneyDrop
The steps in bold are for those updating from version 1.
Step 1: Make sure you've got one of the supported economy plugins set up on your server.
Step 2: Download and set up Vault if you haven't already.
Step 3: Download the latest MoneyDrop and place it in your plugins folder.
Step 4: Back up your existing .yml files, then delete the original ones.
Step 5: Start up your server and shut it back down again.
Step 6: Edit the .yml files in the plugins/MoneyDrop folder with your favorite text-editor. This page tells you what does what.
Step 7: Start up your server and you're good to go!

MoneyDrop 2.2.0 supports permissions. The nodes are:

  • MoneyDrop.pickup - Allows the player to pick up money.

Permission use needs to be enabled in The config files.

Extending MoneyDrop
MoneyDrop can be easily customized with other plugins.
For a list of plugins that make MoneyDrop even more awesome: Check here!
For information on how to create your own MoneyDrop extension: Check here!

I found a bug!
Post a ticket and I'll try to fix it asap!
Bugs that allow players to get more money than intended should be PM'd, not ticketed.
Please don't discuss money duplication in the comments.

Something isn't working, can you help me?
I'll try, but I'll need the following info:
- The version of MoneyDrop you're using.
- A list of other plugins you're using.
- Any errors that pop up (the entire error message).
- Your MoneyDrop config files.

I can't pick up money when my inventory is full.
This bug has been around since the day MoneyDrop was made and is one of the few bugs that can't be fixed due to the way bukkit handles item pickups.

Why did you get rid of the WorldGuard and Spout stuff in version 2?
To increase the stability of MoneyDrop.
Don't worry, the features are still available, but in the form of an extra plugin. That way, if one of the other plugins isn't playing nice with MoneyDrop anymore, you can just remove the plugin that links the two.

I'll donate if you add this!
Donate because you like the work I've done, not because you want me to do something.
If you want a feature added, post it as a suggestion or hire me to make you a custom version.
Asking me to value your suggestion higher because you promise to donate is disrespectful to both me and your fellow users.

What's new in version 2
- You can now set the damage values to further customize your drops.
- Money is now easier to configure and has better support for decimal values.
- MoneyDrop will automatically add new mobs to your config file when they're added ingame. No need to update each time Minecraft does!
- Features relying on other plugins have been removed to make MoneyDrop more stable. You can find those features again in the form of a MoneyDrop-extending plugin.
- Many under the hood optimisations.
- A new event system makes it even easier to create plugins that customize MoneyDrop's behavior.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause MoneyDrop to not generate tamed mob variants in the config files.
  • MoneyDrop now generates settings for all horse variants.
  • Fixed a bug with inventory checking.
  • Inventory checks can now be disabled in the config files. Do not disable checks if money can exist in an inventory!
  • Added a setting to prevent hoppers from picking up money.
  • Added a setting to prevent players in creative mode from picking up money.
  • Added a setting to prevent mobs spawned by other plugins from dropping money (thanks TrenTech!).
  • Added a setting to prevent mobs spawned by mods from dropping money (thanks TrenTech!).
  • MoneyDrop now supports permissions. This can be enabled in the config files. The node is MoneyDrop.pickup
  • Other bugfixes (thanks TrenTech!)


  • Fixed a money duplication bug
  • Fixed more rounding errors


  • Fixed a money duplication bug
  • Fixed the rounding errors in chat
  • Added some missing features in the api
  • Added an option to send a chat message when the player dies


  • Initial release

For info on the outdated version 1, check out this page.

Creator's Note
A big thank you to the people who kept MoneyDrop alive during my year-long absence. You guys are amazing!
The mods have requested I remove the link to TrenTech's version. My apologies for the inconvenience.


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