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Don't just give players blocks to build with, allow them to build and shape worlds like an admin. Let them create instances of these worlds for other players to experience. What will they create, now that they control the world and the plugins you give them access to? When finished, the instances delete, leaving the original world untouched.

Part of the Minds of Chimera Project (MOC)!

Minds of Chimera

Under Development:

  • Todos
    • import existing worlds
  • Ideas
    • end goal, maybe a block to touch?
    • price to enter world
  • Commands
    • give description to world through commands
    • add/remove tags
  • Bugs
    • fix the directory separator issue on windows i.e. File.separator instead of '/'


Management Commands

/dc list {player}- list all the dreams that have been created, either for all, or for a player
/dc create [player] [worldname] - creates a new origin world for a player
/dc import [player] [worldname] <worldtype> <generator> - takes an existing, non-loaded world, and imports it as an origin world
/dc build {worldid} - enters the given, or primary if not set, origin world to build in it
/dc dream {worldid} - enters the world as an instance to play, defaults to queued
/dc leave - leave the current dream or build world
/dc delete [worldid] - deletes the origin world for now
/dc primary [worldid] {player} - sets the primary origin world for a player, or self if absent
/dc queue [worldid] {player} - sets the world to play in on next dream command for a player, or self if absent
/dc info {worldid} - list information about the world (or current world if in one)
/dc lookup [worldname] - searches for an id for a world with the given name

World Shaping Commands

/dc set weather [sunny|stormy|thunder] - sets the weather on entry to the world
/dc set time [time]
/dc set survival
/dc set creative
/dc set difficulty [0-4|peaceful|easy|normal|hard]
/dc listset - shows all properties set
/dc clearset [prop] - clears that particular property
/dc msg [name] [message] - creates a message that is given told the player when they walk over the area (2 area range)

  1. Kiosk functionality
  2. /dc msgsize [name] [size] - changes the radius of the message to be size
  3. /dc msgmove [name] - moves the message to be centered at the current location
  4. /dc msgdel [name] - deletes the message

    /dc allow all - Allow the player to use/place/destroy all blocks (DEFAULT)
    /dc allow none - Allow the player to not use/place/destroy all blocks (NOTE: useful to set none, then selectively add)
    /dc allow <->[material] <<->materials...> - Allow the given blocks to be used/placed/destroyed. A list of material ids can be given, separated by spaces. To block something, put a negative in front of it. You can use both material ids or material names.
    /dc allow 5 - allows wood
    /dc allow 4 5 - allows cobblestone and wood
    /dc allow cobblestone wood allows cobblestone and wood
    /dc allow -cobblestone -5
    blocks cobblestone and blocks wood


<all citizens commands to create NPCs and npc types work, but not Admin>
<NOTE: This is implemented by copying over permissions for the world.>

  1. /dc checkpoint - saves a checkpoint for the world. this allows builders to test things.
  2. /dc rollback - rolls back to the last checkpoint

WorldGuard Region Commands

  1. Allow people to set the flags for a region on generation. I.e. global or self-created regions. NOTE: Copy over the regions for a world as well.
  2. /dc wg region [flag] [value]
    supported flags:

Admin Commands

  1. /dc admin import [player] [currentname] [worldname] - turns an existing world into an instancible one for a player


description: Admin Inst Powers.
default: op
description: Ability to create instances that later can be authored.
default: false
description: Ability to author instances.
default: true
description: Ability to play instances.
default: true


These settings configure the storage of people's online time. If MySQL is false, then it creates an SQLLite db.

Future Work:

  • Dream repo where dreams can be downloaded.

Revision History:


  • prototype


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