Using MobHealth as a Skill #45

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  • _ForgeUser10299688 created this issue Mar 29, 2013

    This plugin is useful for knowing how much health an opponent has left, but some servers may rather use this as a strategic skill, than something that could freely be toggled on/off. This is basically a feature request for adding a new command, something like "/mobhealth activate", which would last for a configurable period of time, with a configurable cost (in items and/or money). The reason behind this is that not all RPG/PvP servers may not want their players to know their opponent's hp freely, but rather at a cost (hence why it would be strategic, because it must be used at appropriate times).

    Normally, I'd ask an RPG/skill plugin like mcMMO or MagicSpells to add a skill like this, but I felt that it would be best to ask here, since it's already compatible with many plugins (e.g. EpicBossRecoded), and it's the best plugin for displaying a mob's/player's health.

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  • sablednah posted a comment Apr 19, 2013

    I did add permissions nodes so you can use this as a heroes permission skill :)

    I'll see if theres a way of making a timed command for it - tho this wouldn't be compatible with the new health bars - I can't do visability of those "per player".

  • _ForgeUser10299688 posted a comment Apr 22, 2013

    @SableDnah: Go

    Actually, the timed command seems like a perfect idea. I can combine this with boosCooldowns to replicate the effect. Thanks by the way for responding. :)

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