<<center>>Spanish Video Tutorial<</center> The video above was done by UltiByte. It is now the 'official' mob effects video.

What is MobEffects?

MobEffects is a new Bukkit plugin that allows a server admin to give certain effects to players upon being hit by a mob. This plugin is a constant work in progress, and is in it's early stages. It is stable enough for release and I haven't found any bugs. As time goes on, support for more mobs and effects will be added, however, at the time being, school is consuming a great deal of time and I'm working as hard as I can to get builds out ASAP.

All effects are configurable and turned off by default

What are 'Effects'?

As of now, an Effect is a Potion Effect. When a mob hits a player, an admin can have a certain potion effect linger on that player for a set amount of time and at a set potion level. Every bit of this plugin is configurable, so you can make your mob choices as specific as you want. Currently available effects are:

  • Blindness
  • Nausea
  • Damage Resistance
  • Fast Digging
  • FireResistance
  • Harm
  • Hunger
  • Strength
  • Invisibility
  • NightVision
  • Wither
  • Jump
  • Poison
  • Regeneration
  • Slow
  • Speed
  • Water Breathing
  • Weakness

A server admin can configure which one of these effects to activate when a player is hit by a specific mob, how long the effect will last, and how strong the effect is. By default, all effects are turned off, and the power is set to default (0). To edit, just open the mob.yml file for the mob you want to turn effects on / off for. You can edit the main config.yml to edit which worlds the mobs spawn in, or configure the update checker on / off.


/mobeffectsmobfxShows all of the arguments for the mobeffects command.
/mobeffects reloadmobfxReloads all of the MobEffects configs.
/mobeffects versionmobfxShows the version of MobEffects the server is running.


Permission NodeDescriptionDefault
mobeffects.checkChecks if there is an available update on login and sends a message.op
mobeffects.versionAllows use of /mobeffects versionop
mobeffects.reloadAllows use of /mobeffects reloadop


Q) Why are some Mobs missing? A) I am working as hard as I can to implement all of the mobs. Some mobs (ones that fire projectiles) are a bit harder to implement as they require a bit more code. As of now, most mobs are supported. The mobs that are not supported are being worked on.

Q) Effect X is not working? A) All effects are tested before being released. You probably have something configured incorrectly. If you are having issues, delete / backup your configs and let them regenerated. To regenerate your configs, you must either restart your server or run the /reload command.

Q) Add Y feature! A) Not a real question, but we'll go with it! I am open for feature suggestions. Open a ticket or leave a comment. If I like it, and it's doable, I'll add it to the plugin. Also, feel free to use the git repo and make a pull request if you know how to code.

Q) When is the next build coming out? A) I only release builds once I am satisfied with them, even dev builds. Dev Builds tend to be released every time there is a new feature available and it works. I would not release a dev build that breaks everything else. All builds are extensively tested before being pushed out to the public.


If you have any suggestions for this plugin, any bugs, etc, please use the Bukkit Ticket System. I will respond to those more frequently than the comments most likely. It helps me keep things organized. You may also feel free to email me at [email protected], or through Private Messages!


This project is available on GitHub. If you find something that needs fixing, feel free to make a pull request. If you're interested in continuing to develop the plugin, send me a PM and we can discuss adding you as a contributor. Click the image below to be taken to the Github Repo.



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