This plugin allows for the handling of PVP-related disguise events in the plugins: DisguiseCraft

This plugin got the name MobDisguisePVPControl because it was originally made with MobDisguise in mind. Now it only supports DisguiseCraft, because MobDisguise is no longer updated.


  • Allows you to prevent players from being able to attack others while disguised.
  • Allows you to make players lose their disguise upon taking damage.
  • Allows to not show the death messages of disguised players.
  • Allows you to make players lose their disguise upon attacking.

Permissions nodes:

Defaults in parenthesis

  • mdpvpcontrol.* - Is not affected by this plugin whatsoever (ops)
    • mdpvpcontrol.nodamagedisguiseloss - Does not lose disguise upon being damaged. (ops)
    • mdpvpcontrol.candisguiseattack - Can attack others while disguised. (everybody)
    • mdpvpcontrol.hidedisguisedeath - Will not show a death message if killed while disguised. (ops)
    • mdpvpcontrol.noattackdisguiseloss - Does not lose disguise upon attacking. (ops)


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