Arrow/Attack Cooldowns. #72

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Assigned to _ForgeUser8570378
  • _ForgeUser10599628 created this issue Oct 16, 2013

    For skills in McMMO, when you type in commands like /axes /swords, etc. it spawns a little window on the right-hand side that gives you the relevant information.  I think it's called a billboard?

    Well, it would be nice to have moarrow use cooldown timers persist in that type of window counting down until recharged instead of spamming up the regular chat window with multiple single messages about "<x> seconds remaining until you may use <y> arrows again." That way we can also readily keep an eye out for when we can use a special arrow again.

  • _ForgeUser10599628 added the tags New Enhancment Oct 16, 2013

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