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  • _ForgeUser10215392 created this issue Jan 20, 2013

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    groupmanager permissions problems

    2. Are you using the latest version of MoArrows? What version are you using? (if unsure, please check the download page)
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    i have moarrows 2.4.2

    3. Are you experiencing this issue after upgrading from a previous version of MoArrows?
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    4. Are you using a permissions plugin? If so, which one and what version?
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    yes,group manager

    5. Are you testing this plugin as an OP? If so, are you having issues with materials required?
            - If you answered yes to both, de-op yourself and test again before creating this ticket.

    6. Are you using any region control plugins (Towny, Factions, WorldGuard, etc.)? If so, which ones and what versions?
    newest factions

    7. Describe IN DETAIL the problem that you are having. (Tickets saying "it dunt werk" or "arrow wunt fyre" will be deleted.)
    i cant set permissions for moarrows with group manager

    8. Can you easily recreate the problem? If so, describe IN DETAIL the steps I can take to make this problem happen on my test server.

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