MoArrows v2.2.2


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    Apr 16, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


- NOTE: This version requires config file regeneration! See install instructions!
- added ability to specify item sub-types in the required materials
- finished API framework for use with MagicArrows
- small code reworks here and there

- overhauled about 90% of code (faster, better, stronger, easier to update)
- added MoArrows API framework (work in progress)
- changed worldguard build flag checks to pvp flag checks (allows for arena use)
- added precise resolution to protected area checking in all plugin hooks
- added config reload command
- added version command
- removed /moarrows set command (it's usefulness did not warrant the space)
- fixed worldguard dependency (again)
- fixed arrows list not removing old arrows
- fixed onEntityHit null pointer

- fixed Towny no-pvp for normal arrows

- added config value for net duration

- fixed fire and explosive visuals for players without materials

- added try catch to worldguard handler to allow arrow usage in null region sets

- fixed issue with arrows only working in worlds named "world"
- added chainmail penalty

- added visual effects for fire and explosion arrow
- added delayed removal of net arrow cobwebs
- finished armor penalty customization code
- added customization of DoT arrow effects

- fixed new method's arrow switching bug
- tested with craftbukkit-1.2.5-R1.0 (works!)

- discovered and corrected final damage calculation bug
- added WorldGuard non-pvp region sensing
- improved arrow type cycling and user messages

- fixed piercing arrow setHealth < 0 bug

- fixed OP status overriding config removed arrows
- added piercing arrow type
- minor code cleaning

- added factions warzone explosion and fire damage mitigation

- added safezone and peaceful detection

- fixed arrow help for all arrows
- added craftbukkit-1.2.4-R1.0 API
- tested with 1.2.4 beta build

- added factions support!
- config now has option to remove block explosion damage from faction zones
- config now has option to remove block fire damage from faction zones
- config now has option to remove all block explosion damage from arrows
- fixed doombringer damage checking
- added moarrows.bypassmaterials permission
- updated config file generator
- simplified arrow help outputs

- added in game arrow descriptions!
- usage: /moarrows help [arrowtype]

- fixed Towny dependency

- added Towny support!

- fixed slow arrow visual effect

- added fire, net, and doombringer arrow types
- made teleport arrow more efficient
- removed torch, animal, drill, and water arrows
- added more resolution to protected area sensing

- fixed moarrows.use.all permission

v1.1.0 (release)
- added crouch flag to arrowID (more accurate crouch damage calculation)
- added razor and slow arrow types

v1.0.6 (release)
- fixed java version (major.minor errors for servers running java 6
- discovered and fixed critical hit bug
- eliminated worldguard dependency
- set default arrow type permissions to false (fixes PEX permission issues)

v1.0.0 (release)
- Changed compiler library to JDK 6 for legacy server compatibility
- Added in game command interface
    - Added ability to temporarily change config values on the fly
- Added logging of protected area projectile hits

v0.9.5 (beta)
- Fixed onEntityHit worldguard bug

v0.9.4 (beta)
- Enhanced exploding arrow protection for worldguard regions

v0.9.3 (beta)
- Fixed poison arrow
- Fixed major onEntityDamage bug

v0.9.1 (beta)
- Added WorldGuard support!
- Tweaked config to mitigate null pointer issue with materials parsing

v0.7 (beta)
- Added permission support
- Scrapped old materials required code, built new functions from ground up
- Added more customization ability to damage calculations
- Updated default config file
- Fixed several config file parsing bugs
- Lots of code cleaning
- Misc. small bug fixes

v0.2 (alpha)
- Completely revamped arrowEffect method
- Added unique identifiers to arrow entities
- Fixed bug with arrow switching mid-flight
- Updated config file support
- Changed default config file
- Added customization of critical hits and base damage
- Started adding custom armor penalty code
- Started reworking "materials required" code
- Fixed onProjectileHit bug that cause log errors with falling arrows

v0.1 (initial alpha release)
- Updated bow shooting methods
- Updated event listener methods
- Created massive criticals code
- Created armor penalty code