This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin is part of the Mini series and will add a few basic but usefull commands to your server.

How it works.

this plugin gives some basic server functionalities and commands to your server. including explosion protection, enderman grieving, random spawn point(beta).

small functions
  • Did you know you can use a partial player name for any thing you need an playername? (example /u tome shellofchaos can also be /u tome shello ((ofcourse when there are two players with the same name part it wont work.)))

The Mini Lineup:

MiniUtilities MiniWorlds MiniInventories MiniChat


all commands need MiniUtilities.use permission

  • /u

(display help file)

  • /u changeweather

(will change the weather from storm to sun or vice versa) permission:

  • /u setspawn

(will set this worlds spawn to this location) permission: MiniUtilities.command.setspawn

  • /u goto [playername]

(teleports you to this player) permission: MiniUtilities.command.goto

  • /u tome [playername]

(teleports this player to you) permission: MiniUtilities.command.tome

  • /u time [day/night/0-28000]

(will set the time to day, night or any time in between) permission: MiniUtilities.command.time

  • /u openinv [playername]

(opens this player inventory and allows change.) permission: MiniUtilities.command.openinv

  • /u gm [0/1/2/survival/creative/adventure] (playername)

(sets your or someone elses gamemode) permission: MiniUtilities.command.gamemode and permission: MiniUtilities.command.gamemode.others

  • /u spawnmob [mobname] [amount]

(spawns given mob at the location you are looking at) permission: MiniUtilities.command.spawnmob

  • /u tele [playername] [playername]

(allows you to teleport 2 players to eachother) permission: MiniUtilities.command.tele

  • /u despawn

(despawns all monsters and animals and npc's in your world) permission: MiniUtilities.command.despawn

  • /u murder [playername]

(murders the given player) permission: MiniUtilities.command.murder


normal config not including the "()"

    Random: true (this will spawn players at a random location on your world)
    RandomBorder: 4000 (this is the radius of the area the players spawn so this is actually a area of 8000x8000 blocks)
    CreeperExplosionBlockDamage: false (will disallow creeper explosion)
    TntExplosionBlockDamage: false (will disallow tnt explosion)
    EnderManPickup: false  (will disallow enderman pickup)((not working yet))


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