MinigamesLib: SeaBattle

MinigamesLib: SeaBattle

SeaBattle (former boatgame) recoded to use the MinigamesLib and fixed all bugs. SeaBattle is about what its name says, battling people in boats with snowballs. Boats normally have 5 health and you have 2 lives, but that can be adjusted in the config.


You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work

Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work.

  1. /sb setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be
  2. /sb setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby
  3. /sb setspawn [arena] sets the player spawn, repeat for multiple spawns
  4. /sb savearena [arena]

You can now set a join sign (optionally). Lines:

  1. SeaBattle
  2. [arena]


/sbShows all possible commands
/sb setspawn <arena>Sets the spawn point.mgseabattle.setup
/sb setlobby <arena>Sets the lobby point.mgseabattle.setup
/sb setmainlobbySets the main lobby point.mgseabattle.setup
/sb savearena <arena>Saves the arena.mgseabattle.setup
/sb setmaxplayers <arena> <count>Sets the max players allowed to join to given count.mgseabattle.setup
/sb setminplayers <arena> <count>Sets the min players needed to start to given count.mgseabattle.setup
/sb setarenavip <arena> <true/false>Sets whether arena needs permission to join.mgseabattle.setup
/sb removearena <arena>Deletes an arena from config.mgseabattle.setup
/sb removespawn <arena> <count>Deletes a spawn from config.mgseabattle.setup
/sb join <arena>Joins the arena.
/sb leaveLeaves the arena.
/sb start <arena>Force-starts the arena.mgseabattle.start
/sb stop <arena>Force-stops the arena.mgseabattle.stop
/sb listLists all arenas.
/sb reloadReloads the config.


There are a few config files (config.yml, classes.yml, arenas.yml, messages.yml, stats.yml) which are mostly self explanatory. Be aware that guns.yml is not used in this minigame!

  default_max_players: 4 # default amount of maximum players that are allowed to join an arena
  default_min_players: 2 # default amount of minimum players that can join an arena
  lobby_countdown: 30 # amount of time in seconds to countdown in lobby
  ingame_countdown: 10 # amount of time in seconds to countdown ingame before the final start
    economy: true
    economy_reward: 10 # You'll need Vault for economy to work
    item_reward: false
    item_reward_ids: 264*1;11*1 # 264 being the id, you can specify an amount (the '*1') and enchantments (e.g. 264#DAMAGE_ALL:2*64 would be sharpness 2 on a stack of diamonds)
    command_reward: false
    command: pex user <player> add SKILLZ.*
  default_boat_health: 5
  default_player_lives: 2

You can also specify data on an item reward. If you would want 32 enchanted red wool blocks, you'd adjust the config to: 35:14#DAMAGE_ALL:1*32, where :14 is the data for red, 35 the id for wool, and the rest as explained above.


There are 2 classes with different amount of snowballs.




[Portuguese] Video tutorial by Tuffão Gamer:


  • Suggestions are welcome. :)

Additional Information

Github Repo


Have fun :)


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