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    May 25, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Minigames 1.7.0

Ok, its been a long time since I've actually released something... I'm sorry, but real life stuff got in the way. Anyways heres 1.7 build for Minecraft 1.8 with a heap of features and cool stuff.


  • Renamed "score type" to "game mechanic"
  • Changed Treasure Hunt type to Global type & created a Treasure Hunt game mechanic
  • Free For All & Teams Game types have now been merged into one "Multiplayer" type
  • Removed the info command (I wasn't updating it, just use /mg edit instead)
  • Removed restore blocks (Regen area needed only now)
  • Prevented default loadout from being deleted
  • Made Singleplayer select a random start location when joining if there are more than one
  • Removed force quit messages


New Regions & Nodes:

Added the ability for players to create regions within their minigames that execute actions under certain conditions. (All actions, conditions and executors VERY highly configurable and constantly being added to) Wiki page to come soon. For a very basic introduction, more tutorials to come! Also note that you do not need to add this plugin if you don't want to, it is separate from Minigames and not required at all.

New More than 2 teams!

You can now have up to 14 teams (I think) per game. All settings are applied via the edit menu. This is also why Team and FreeForAll types were merged into one type. 0 teams = free for all, 1 team = co-op, 2+ normal team games.


  • Added set team command for team modification (/mg set minigamename team)
  • Added backup command to backup Minigame regen areas ("/mg backup minigamename" to save "/mg backup minigamename restore" to load)
  • Added weather and time module (2nd page in /mg edit menu. Allows setting a specific time & weather setting to be used inside a minigame)
  • Added flight settings
  • Added option to use XP bar to display timer
  • Created new Minigame saving system for custom presets
  • Added ctf & infection preset to list (/mg set minigamename preset)
  • Added per team max player settings and added to team signs
  • Added max player settings to infection
  • Added settings for hint use delay and restart delay
  • Added lives mechanic (Displays lives in the scoreboard)
  • Added missing command and tool option for spectator start points (/mg set test spectatorstart)
  • Added sounds to key Minigame events and config option to turn off
  • Added option to disable inventory saving
  • Added Game Over settings so games don't have to end instantly (think Team Fortress 2 ending)
  • Added ability to stop broadcasting timer
  • Added Juggernaut Game Mechanic
  • Added many tab complete options! (woot)
  • Added command reward (using a command to give a reward)
  • Added notifications to minigame tool when minigame or mode not set
  • Added a config option to require a player to have an empty inventory before being allowed to join a game(default false)
  • Added option to enable and disable the scoreboard
  • Added player wait time to customization in lobby settings


  • Added XP storing and let loadouts use custom xp amounts
  • Added /mg loadout menu and /mg loadout loadname command selection
  • Added display names to loadouts
  • Added lock inventory and armour settings to loadouts
  • Added team specific settings to loadouts
  • Added display in menu option for loadouts


  • Made reward signs use the reward system
  • Added score sign


  • Save Function Fixes & null check for player team
  • Fixed NPE on invalid team
  • Fixed SQL storage issues with UUID's
  • Menu Item fixes (including removing items not useable in 1.8 and a bunch of null issues)
  • Fixed default winner
  • Fixed Minigame name not displaying if display name isn't set
  • Fixed force starting game bugs
  • Fixed many multiplayer & team bugs
  • Fixed timer issues (Multiplayer timer creating a new timer if started again)
  • Fixed many flight issues
  • FIxed many broadcast / message issues failing under certain circumstances
  • Fixed many issues with XP and inventory restoring after death & after game ending
  • Fixed many flag issues (not saving for modules, sign creation & saving for SP flags)
  • Fixed not being able to enter text menu items if chat event was cancelled (like while vanished)
  • Fixed many latejoin issues / timers
  • Fixed revert command not working in multiplayer games
  • Fixed many end / quit issues (including circumstances when used with the command)
  • Fixed paintball (snowball) damage issues
  • Fixed stored checkpoints
  • Fixed team games starting players all in the same team spawn
  • Fixed SQL saving storing every value wrong... yay
  • Fixed minigame name being too long for signs
  • Fixed many teleporting and death issues at game end
  • Fixed custom languages not loading all the time

VERY RARE chance that game will not roll back
VERY RARE chance that rewards will stop working
Game Over settings not working 100% yet, but give 'em a go.

These two only seem to happen under very specific circumstances that I can't seem to replicate.