Welcome, i want to present you my new economic plugin. This plugin needs a Vault plugin to connect other plugins like shops,lottery systems, etc..


This plugin can store the player data in a MySQL database or in the MineWallet plugin folder, the owner can choose which he/she want. Those who have permission can customize the messages in the MineWallet plugin folder.



The plugin contains:

  • Money: A player can carry the money in two ways, in the pocket or in the bank account. If the player have the money in pocket and the player die, he/she will lost it, but if he/she take the money to the bank account it will be safe.
  • Bank Account: A player can create/delete his/her bank account and its possible to check stats (it will show the create time, money, transfers, deposits, withdraws). The player can deposit,withdraw and transfer money from the bank account to another player's bank account.
  • Bankcard: If the player don't want to lose his/her money just buy a bankcard and use it (the player can switch on/off the bankcard payment).

Player commands:

  • /money: The player can check his/her pocket and bank money with this command.
  • /money pay [player name] [amount]: The player can give money to another player.
  • /money stats: With this command, the player can check the top 9 richest player in the server.
  • /money help: Lists all the /money commands.
  • /bank account: Player can use create/delete/stats commands.
  • /bank money: Player can use deposit/transfer/withdraw commands.
  • /bank bankcard: Player can use buy/use commands.
  • /minewallet version: Check the current minewallet version.

Updater commands:

  • /minewallet setup: At the first start the owner/admin need to setup the plugin, everybody can setup the plugin easily.
  • /minewallet update: When a new update released the plugin will send messages to the admins or for players who have update permission and with this command he/she can update the plugin from ingame.
  • /minewallet hide: This command will enable/disable the update announcer.


Admin Commands:

  • /minewallet admin reset: This command will reset a player's data.
  • /minewallet admin delete: With this command the admin can delete a playerdata (works when the player is offline too.)
  • /minewallet admin setmoney: The admin can set the player's balance to a value.
  • /minewallet admin addmoney: This command will add plus money for the player's current balance.
  • /minewallet admin check: Possible to check a player's datas, it will show the player balance, bank details, paytime etc...
  • /minewallet admin setbank: The admin/owner can enable/disable the bank command on a world, so the players cant use the bank command on every worlds.


  • minewallet.admin: Allow admin commands.
  • minewallet.use: Allow player to use the plugin commands.
  • minewallet.update: Allow to execute the update command.



  • Download the MineWallet.jar and copy it to the server/plugins folder, start the server and after the plugin loaded you can customize the settings ingame or in the MineWallet folder.




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