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Info: Currently there is no time for continue developing this plugin. If you are interested in buying it, feel free to contact me. The hosting servers will stay online of course. http://minestats.net/statsView/bukkitData/Logo.png

Why MineStats?

MineStats is a advanced Bukkit statistics plugin which includes a simple setup and a classy way for your players to view their stats online!

Control Panel

Sign up, Sign in and have access to our great control panel. Add your server with a simple name and IP address, then connect it to your server using the key provided. It's simple.


Free online stats view

When you sign and you chose your sub-domain name. For example I chose 'Endersouls', the domain is used by your players to access all of their stats.



Your custom URL comes with its own page where your players can view and sort themselves by their rankings.


Player Profiles

Each player that joins one of your servers get their very own profile where all of there personal stats are displayed.



  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • KD Ratio
  • Days played
  • ArrowsShoot
  • DamageDealt
  • DamageTaken
  • EggsThrown
  • Joins
  • Mobs Killed
  • XP Gained
  • Items Picked Up
  • Items Crafted
  • Buckets Filled
  • Buckets Emptied
  • World Changes
  • Blocks Broken
  • Blocks Placed
  • Sheep Sheared
  • Food Eaten


MineStats is free as we want you as the server owner and your players to have the best experience while playing Minecraft.

This plugin has metrics, to disable it go to plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true

If you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear them!
Thank you!


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