General information

MineRPG is a plugin that add a RPG overlay to minecraft

As simple as Level, stat's and talent, minecraft will be now a totally different game! (Something like World Of Minecraft x) )

It is still in alpha for now, but I am working hard on it to pass it beta fastest I can.

It work on Minecraft 1.8

What Give MineRPG

For now, it give you stats.

When you kill a monster (passive or ennemy), you win Experience point. When you have enought Xp, you pass a level.

You have 4 characteristic :

  • Health : +1 Hp/ 2point
  • Agility : speed +1%/point
  • Stamina : not implemented yet : wll allow you to sprint for a longer time
  • Strengh : +0.1dmge/point

For every lvl up, you will win 1H/2A/3Sta/2Str

You have, of course, a GUI to see every of these parameters :)


Little update on MineRPG, with the 0.2.5 you will be able to choose a class between Warior and Mage I have also add a little gui to help you in the game

What Will Give MineRPG

  • Questbook
  • multiple talent
  • An Api to make rpgGame
  • ...

Plugin Information

Plugin Version :Minecraft Suported
0.1.5 (alpha)1.8


<> : you have to choose between the choices.

No command yet

How to install

This plugin as no configuration files yet, so you just have to put je .jar in the plugin folder and start your server


  • If you reload your server, every player have to disconnect/reconnect (for now)
  • You will lose your progression every time you disconnect


A ghast?

Is this a ghast?

In overworld?

Oh, nop, just a Mage playing with his fireBall!

I'm Thor!

Hey, human!

I'm Thor! Or am i just a lvlMax Mage?...


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