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What is MineQuest?

MineQuest is a customizable roleplaying plugin. It contains fully customizable abilities, classes, and quests. You can gain experience and level up to increase your abilities and use addons to MineQuest to create your custom experience. And best of all, MineQuest comes with instanced dungeons support built right into its Core. Oh, and Javascript support.

  • Latest Release: 3.0.0Milestone2
  • Snapshot Release: 3.0.0Milestone3. These builds have not been approved by BukkitDev staff members, and are definitely not approved for release by the maintainers. Use at your own risk. Builds are currently disabled - but will be back up soon
  • Requires: Vault.
  • Donate: On our website.
  • Latest API: 3.0.0Milestone1 API Site


  • Java 7
  • Minecraft 1.8

Status Updates:

For status updates, see our website.


Quests can range from simple gather missions, where the players must gather an amount of a resource, to massive dungeons and giant boss fights. This allows players to design and share their Quests with the masses. With help of our quest design helper, players can design Quests to create whatever they want.


MineQuest also contains a party system. Any quester can create a party at any time, but they are only really used for entering Quests. When a quest is started MineQuest will attempt to bring an entire players party with them. A quester can create a party with the following command.


An old video of our example quest:

Also see:

To Report an Issue or Problem:

Please open a thread on our website, at theminequest.com. Be sure to include:

  • Which version of Minequest and Minequest add-ons are active.
  • A brief but accurate description of the problem.
  • A link to a server log pasted to either pastebin.com and pastie.com
  • A list of plugins that are currently installed on the server.


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