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What is MinecraftMarket?


MinecraftMarket is a web based shopping platform that allows you as a Minecraft server owner to sell collections of in-game commands to players.


How do I create a webstore?


In order to create your store you will need to register an account here: https://www.minecraftmarket.com after the registration process you will be prompted to create a fresh store which will have some examples pre enabled.


How do my players use my store once created?


Once you have created your MinecraftMarket store and setup various categories and items to sell, your players can visit your store and make purchases. You will then receive the money via gateways you have setup in our control panel.


What payment gateways do you currently support?


Right now we currently support 4 major payment gateways with many more in the pipeline:

  • PayPal
  • Paymentwall
  • Stripe
  • PayGol

We are also currently developing integrations for the following:

  • G2A Pay
  • Coinbase

Which platforms/Minecraft server jars do you support?


In our efforts to be as cross platform compatible as possible we currently support the following:

  • Spigot
  • Bukkit
  • Nukkit
  • BungeeCord
  • Sponge

If you are using a platform that we don't support please open a ticket here: https://www.minecraftmarket.com/tickets/  


Some of our features include:

  • Multiple stores
  • Team accounts with permissions
  • Discount codes
  • Sales
  • Cumulative categories
  • All-in-one Design/Store editor
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Built in ticket system for account support
  • Built in knowledge base


  • /MM help: Shows the help menu
  • /MM apikey <key>: Change your api key
  • /MM check: Manually check for new purchases
  • /MM updateSigns: Updates plugin signs
  • /MM reload: Reloads all the configs
  • /MM version: Shows current plugin version

To use any of these commands you need to have the permission “minecraftmarket.use”.




Every 2 minutes by default the plugin will check for new purchases and execute them if they meet the required parameters. You can change the check frequency in the config or if you want you can run a manual check by using “/MM check”.




GUI can only be used on Spigot and Bukkit servers! You can show all of your current Categories and Items thru a GUI by setting a command to be used in the config (default /Shop and /Buy).


The GUI is customizable you can edit all of it the layouts config.




You can add a recent donor signs by placing a sign then typing "[RecentDonor]" on the first line and in the second line type the recent donor position, if there is no recent donor in that position it will display a waiting for purchase sign.


To remove a sign you can break it and it will get removed automatically. On Spigot servers after adding a sign you can set a head on top of the block where the sign is and it will display the recent donor player skin after you do "/MM updateSigns".


Signs are updated every 2 minutes by default but you can change this in the config or if you want you can update them manually by using "/MM updateSigns".


 Check out our demo store: https://example.minecraftmarket.com


This account does not actively monitor private messages, for all support and inquiries please use one of the following:



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