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    What is the enhancement in mind?
    I'd like to be able to seperate my currencies so that one currency can not be converted to another to be used where that one would be used; unless those with specail permissions convert it for them. An alternative could be allowing seperate economies per world, but I think this would be unnecesarily difficult and could easily be done by server owners if you developed my original suggestion.

    How should it look and feel?
    I'm not sure what this means so I'll focus on chat effects and features here.

    1. Those who try and pay someone in a currency that does not convert should recieve a message saying so and no money should be transfered.
    "[Mineconomy]: No money was transfered because your currency does not convert to the <target player's name>'s currency."

    2. Those who try and pay someone in a currency that does convert to the target player's currency should still recieve their normal messages and the same output should be run.

    3. Those who switch to a currency that does not convert from the original currency should switch accounts to something along the lines of "<username>_<currency group>", store their previous money in their old account, and recieve a message like "[Minecomony]: Your new currency does not convert from your old one. You have been switched to an appropriate account and your money will remain in your old account until you switch back to that currency group."

    4. If they have not earned currency of that type their new account probably should be announced to them in the same manner creating a new account is announced normally.

    Please provide any additional information below.

    I'm not sure what else to add. I would be willing to talk about this further and would appreciate having a chance to discuss any impossibilities you forsee. I have personally been involved minorly in programming before and understand the main premises of it.

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