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Updates and improvements are Pending

Please keep in mind that this MineCars is not currently 100% due to the work around to fix the old errors of MineCars. If this plugin stops working, please just sit tight and be patient for an update, it will come as soon as it can.

MineCars is a new Car Plugin for Bukkit!

With MineCars you're able to drive with your Minecart on Black (normal Street) and Gray Wool (Motorway) without any rails, just using your Movement Keys (you can configure the blocks you want to move on). Black Wool is much faster than Gray Wool, so it can be used for motorways (you even can change the Multiplier for Motorways). Every User is able to change the gear of his „MineCar“ using /mcg [1,2,3], so you can control the speed yourself. The Fuel system allows you to buy Fuel for your Minecart.


  • Use Gray Wool (or configure another block) for streets
  • Use Black Wool (or configure another block) for motorways (much faster)
  • Change gears with a Command
  • Configure the Speedfactors
  • Configure the blocks you want to drive on
  • Smart Fuel System ( MineCars just run if you have got fuel; pay with Items or Economy)
  • Permissions
  • Minecar(t) with exhaust
  • Fuel Stations
  • Driver's License Signs
  • Climb hills with your Minecar(t)
  • Railing System (fences /leading rails)

The wool blocks simulate whatever you have your street blocks set to.

Required PlugIns:


  • /mcg gear [1,2,3] Change the gear of your MineCar
  • /mcg fuel Your fuel level
  • /mcg prices Fuel prices
  • /mcg buy Buy Fuel with Money / Items (see config.yml)
  • /mcg reload Reloads the config! ==== NEW ====
  • /mcg adminfuel Free Fuel for Admins ==== NEW ====
  • /mcg help or ? Displays all commands available to the player


Here you can find a list with all permission nodes:

 minecars.*                              # Gives a player all permission nodes!
 minecars.admin.*                    # AdminFuel and Reload Permission
 minecars.admin                       # Allows players to get free fuel (command: /mcg adminfuel)
 minecars.admin.reload             # Allows players to reload the config (command: /mcg reload)
 minecars.buyfuel                     # Allows your players to use the /mcg buy command
 minecars.useCommands          # Allows your players to use the /mcg command
 minecars.move                        # Allows your players to use MineCars
 minecars.create                        # Allows your players to place MineCars initially
 minecars.fuelstation.use       # Allows your player to use a Fuelstation
 minecars.fuelstation.create    # Allows a player to create a Fuel Station (create a sign, first line : Fuel Station)
 minecars.fuelstation.destroy   # Allows a player to destroy a Fuel Station
 minecars.license.use             # Allows a player to use Driver's License Signs
 minecars.license.create          # Allows a player to create Driver's License Signs
 minecars.license.destroy         # Allows a player to destroy Driver's License Signs


The Config File allows you to configure the speed factors for the motorway / streets, the blocks, the fuel sytem and more. Just replace the values in the file with yours.
The commentaries in the config.yml file will help you to set MineCars up.

Default Values:

# MineCars V2.4 Config File
destroyCar: true
placeMinecart: true
UseExhaust: true
UseOwnership: true
RailingBlock: 101
street-speedfactor: 5
motorway-speedfactor: 8
StreetStepType: 0
useWool: true
- 1
- 3
- 4
- 5
UseFuelSystem: true
UseEconomy: true
priceperfuel: 50
fuelitemid: 263
itemsperfuel: 5
UseLicense: true
LicenseCost: 10000
UseLicence: true

Creating a Fuel Station

1.) Place a sign.
2.) Write onto the first line: Fuel Station.
3.) There should be: Fuel Station successfully created.

Creating a Driver's License Sign

1.) Place a sign.
2.) Write onto the first line: License.
3.) There should be: Driver's License Sign successfully created.


  1. Download MineCars.zip
  2. Unzip the MineCars.jar and MineCars folder to the plugins folder on your Server
  3. Restart your Server.
  4. Have fun!


Pending Approval for Launch.

To do

  • Light
  • Acceleration
  • Owner system
  • Different Types of Vehicles (Trucks, Taxi Cabs, etc)
  • Allow multiple surfaces for roads/streets
  • Embedded Railing System
  • Improving the climb function and fix the fuel bug

Getting Started Video


Bugs or questions?

Use the Commentary or Ticket Function to get help!


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