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I always had an interest in coding Java, So when I found out a few months ago that bukkit plugin's we're coded in Java, I jumped on it. I released 2 plugins about 5 months ago, But took a break due to personal reasons.

MegaPlugin is the one plugin that every server should have. It provides easy command's that perform simple actions. That being said, This is still in -Very early- beta meaning their may / could be bugs & other problems.

Commands and Permissions

/God - Enables godmode - mega.god /GodOff - Disables godmode - mega.god /Fly - Enables you to fly - /Info - Display's info set by the server owner (TESTING) - No permission needed /afk - enables AFK status... Freeze's, and puts the user in godmode until they move or do /afk again. - mega.afk /heal - Restores user's health to max - mega.heal

To do list

add more commands - WIP Only 1 god command Remove useless codes Add user friendly admin GUI


If you have suggestions as what I should add, any other plugin's I should make, etc... Please leave a comment :)


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