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What is McRailway:

The plugin enables the creation of advanced subway or railway using rails and minecarts from a classic Minecraft. After proper creation of the appropriate network of connections, use is limited to choosing the destination and entrance to the minecart that will take us to the appropriate station without the need to build complicated redstone mechanisms to change the direction of the minecart.

For who:

McRailway is primarily targeted at city builders and people who like to travel.


  • Reducing the number of warps, homes, portals to places not really far away from each other.
  • Increased immersion
  • Now your subway will not be just a dummy :)

Main features:

  • Configurable switches
  • Automatic stations
  • Boosters and moderators
  • The ability to connect multiple lines in one line network


    description: Gives access to all McRailway commands
    default: op
        mcrailway.admin: true
        mcrailway.create: true
        mcrailway.use: true
    description: Allows you to create an unlimited number of lines, stations and edit all lines 
    default: op
    description: Allows you to create new lines (this permission use limiter of lines)
    default: true
    description: Allow you to use signs from plugin
    default: true

How Use (quick guide):

Note: some names and / or commands may change as a result of the translation, in that case use:

 /McRailway or /rw to find out how to get further help.

Logical layer:

The logical layer is the basis for the physical layer, all elements  i.e. lines, stations, connections, and the granted permissions must be found in it, so that all elements of the physical layer can be set correctly.


It is a structure containing stations and describing who has the authority to create and expand all its subordinate elements such as stations and switches.

Note: It is recommended to create one line per city or set of nearby stations.


To create lines, type:

/rw newLine [nameLine]

Note: The name cannot contain more than 13 characters.


The lines can be connected with each other:

/rw addLine [line1] [line2]

Note: The approval of the second line owner is required.


This is the basic structure that is assigned to the line and corresponds to the end point of the ride.


To create a station, assign it to the line by typing:

/rw addStation [line] [StationName]

Note: The name cannot contain more than 13 characters.

Physical layer:

These are all the elements that are physically in the game world.


All blocks should be placed directly under the rails to work properly.


To set the booster, place a block of mossy stone whose name has been changed to "booster" (e.g. with an anvil).


To set the moderator, place a block of Clay whose name has been changed to "moderator" (e.g. with an anvil).


To set the switch, place a block of bookshelf whose name has been changed to the name of the line it belongs to (e.g. with an anvil).


Switch programing:

To open the switch panel, squat and then click RMB on the block.


To set the station block, place the coal block and then look at it and enter the command:

/rw setStation [line] [station]


The sign is used to summon special minecarts that are recognized by the plugin.

The sign should be placed directly above the rails, because the minecart is placed one block below the sign.

To create the sign, you only need to write in the first line the name of the line which the sign applies and enclose it between square brackets.

Using the sign:

LMB – station change

SHIFT + LMB – line change

RMB – summoning the minecart


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