Currently outdated Version:

Im currently working on MCbb Version 3 a completly new and simpler Version.

Due to my Work on Version 3 i changed the License, prior Versions are still GPL!

MCbb is a plugin that allows you to link your Minecraft Server running bukkit with your website running forum software such as xenforo, Mybb, phpbb and SMF. Many features such as Greylisting and Group Sync are included with this plugin to allow for endless possibility's such as allowing members to join your server and not be able to participate in anything like building, pvp so fourth until they signup to the forum or allow them to Donate on the forum for Automatic Donation benefits. This plugin was originally requested by Mr_H4mm3r


  • Force users to register on your Forum before being able to use the server
  • Ability to disallow unregistered users to not be able to:
    • Chat
    • Kill other Player/Mobs/Animals
    • Interact with the World(No Redstone/Building/Using Items)
    • Pickup Items
    • Drop Items
  • Permissions Support
  • Localisation Support
  • Support Whitelist and Greylist
  • Supports 2 different Modes: Field and Username for Authentication
  • Website and Server Group(Rank) Sync

Supported Forums:

  • phpBB
  • MyBB
  • SMF
  • Xenforo - Using Identity Service for Custom Field mode


  • /mcbb on - Enable Plugin
  • /mcbb off - Disable Plugin
  • /mcbb status - Displays if the Plugin is Enabled or Disabled
  • /mcbb lookup [Player] - Is the specified user registered on the forums


  • mcbb.maintainer.on - /mcbb on
  • - /mcbb off
  • mcbb.user.lookup - /mcbb lookup
  • - Doesn't need a forum account
  • mcbb.user.join - Can Join the server


This Plugin requires Vault!

  • Download MCbb & Vault if not all ready installed
  • Put MCbb & Vault into the Plugins folder on your server
  • Reload your Server - You will see an error every time, until you change your config file
  • Open the c.yml file in the MCbb Folder with a test editor (Use Notepad+ + or similar programs to preserve the formatting)
  • Edit Config See Config
  • Reload your server
  • MCbb should work now

Still in the process of rewriting all old Wiki pages to BukkitDev.


Group syncronisation


Known Conflicts



Version 2.0

Please note that alot of 1.0 basics still work. Sorry for the bad Documentation. I have not enough time to work on precise Documentations.


For Developer

MCbb needs you!

If you are interested in helping me out, please contact me. For now we need Translators and Spotlighters.


Translates MCbb to other languages, you can translate all via the Bukkit translation tool


Creates some basic Videos for Users to install/use MCbb

Just use BukkitDev or to contact me.


The source can be found on Github, feel free to Fork it or Send Pull requests.


Special Thanks @Mr_H4mm3r - For the idea!
@FrancoisBerg. - For his Donation, Video Contribution and his Help at beginning of MCbb!
@ Xanxix- For your Minecraft Account, so i can continue the Project!
I want to thank everyone who used the plugin. This support helps me to continue to develop this Plugin!


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