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Minecraft Anti-Cheat (MCAC) is an addition to NoCheat which hooks into the API system to gather informational data for analysis to find common patterns in hacking violations to determine their validity. Using this information the system will run under a VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) ideal of banning users which persistently violate no hacking rules on servers in order to deter this behaviour over all of the protected servers.

The MCAC system is sponsored by MCBlockIt, however acts independently of the system and runs using it's own API, database and website.

How it works

MCAC parses the data it receives from servers during every data burst to determine the legitimacy of the information. The MCAC system performs data collection for the first few days after being activated on a server in order to improve the system, after this the information gathered will be parsed using previous collected information to determine a level at which the violations are determined to be less likely false-positives.

Currently, the plugin ONLY collects data and will not act upon it, once collected it will be analysed manually to build a base of legitimate and non-legitimate data for the first algorithm to be correctly calculated


Users are NOT immediately banned with the system, however do receive offence points if a number of positive detections are made against the user on an array of servers. Once the main website is active, a user may see their current offence points via their account menu. Each offence is removed two months (60 days) after it is added to your account.

There are three key stages for offences to have an impact against the user:

  • Caution: The user will receive a warning regarding their past offences when they login to MCAC protected servers stating that they have been flagged for cheating and that any further offences may result in a permanent ban.
  • Warning: A temporary ban is imposed on the user's account for 1 week (7 days) and they will continue to receive warnings upon logging in as per the caution stage.
  • Banned: The final stage in which the permanent ban is imposed on the user's account, they will be unable to login to any MCAC protected server unless whitelisted by the server owner, or unless they appeal the ban. (The length of this final stage is currently being debated)


  • The system is an early ALPHA and may have false-positives until sufficient data can be analysed, the more servers that assist, the easier this will become.
  • Bans made against a user by the system are effective on all servers running the service, however users can be whitelisted via the main website.
  • A user may appeal an offence point once every 2 months (60 days), if successful the offence will be hidden from public view but still applied on the account.

MCBlockIt Intergration

Upon the successful launch of MCBlockIt, MCAC will be re-developed, re-coded and released to the public under this new solution. We hope that this will benefit the Minecraft community for both server admins and players through reducing cheating players on multiplayer. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to join #MCBlockIt on irc.freenode.org for more information!


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