Shoot arrows at super-sonic speeds, or shoot with the speed of a snail. I don't care, because it is YOU who gets to control the speed of your bows with MatrixBow!

What it does:

This is my second Bukkit plugin and I am proud to announce MatrixBow! This bow allows you to shoot arrows at different speeds! Simply, craft the desired bow then fire it like normal (hold down right click, then release). This will fire an arrow at the speed depending on the bow. If you use a slow bow, it fires slower and likewise, by firing with a fast bow, it fires faster!


  • SuperSlow Bow

SuperSlow Bow

  • Slow Bow

Slow Bow

  • Fast Bow

Fast Bow

  • SuperFastBow

SuperFast Bow


  • MatrixBow.use.* - Allows you to use all bows:
  • MatrixBow.use.superslow - Allows you to use the SuperSlow Bow
  • MatrixBow.use.slow - Allows you to use the Slow Bow
  • Allows you to use the Fast Bow
  • MatrixBow.use.superfast - Allows you to use the SuperFast Bow


  • SuperSlow - 10 times slower than normal
  • Slow - twice as slow as normal
  • Fast - twice as fast as normal
  • SuperFast - 10 times faster than normal
  • The faster the bow, the more powerful it is
  • The faster the bow, the further the arrow travels
  • The slower the bow, the less distance it travels

To Do:

  • Post suggestions into the comments below and I will see what I can do!

Future ideas:

According to MinecraftWiki: "Other properties like weapon damage/bow draw speed/sword swing speed are yet to follow." Hopefully, the bow draw speed could affect the speed of the Matrix Bows, or it may encourage further bows to be added.


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