Name changing update

Name changing update (MM V1.7)

What you have to know

This update is almost a rewrite of the storage system of the plugin. Your old database/files will be updated automaticaly. A downgrade to older versions will be a lot of work for you. So please make a backup of your datas! To update the DB the plugin will communicate with the Mojang servers!

When should I enable UUIDs?

You should only enable UUIDs if your server is runing in online-mode and you are using mc 1.7.6 or newer! Other versions don't support or don't work correctly with UUIDs!

Updating Process

The update to UUIDs will work automaticaly. But depending on the size of your db it will take some time to finish. I recomend you (especialy if you have a lot of married players on your server) to use a external copy to convert the db.

How can I update my data externaly?

  • Copy the MarriageMaster folder from the plugin directory into a empty plugin folder from a new and clean bukkit (don't use spigot to convert if your db is huge!) installation (for example on your private pc). If you are using MySQL make sure that the DB alows the connection from your second bukkit installation and set the host in the config up correctly.
  • Copy the new MM V1.7 to the clean bukkit plugin folder.
  • Set the server config to online-mode and start it
  • The plugin will update the db. After the update is done you will get a message in the Servers log.
  • Now copy the updated MarriageMaster folder as well as the new MarriageMaster.jar to your server's plugin directory and restart/reload the server.

How can i downgrade my db to work with MM V1.6 again?


If you have used MySQL your database sould work just fine, you can remove the uuid colum from the table manualy if you want to remove the uuids from the db to save space.


If you have used files you will have a lot of work.

  • First open "plugins/MarriageMaster/players".
  • Open ervery file in the folder, remove the MarriedToUUID from it and rename the file to the value from the Name field. (from UUID.yml to Name.yml)
  • To make the priests compatible again you will have to remove the file or lockup every name from the UUID in the file up in the internet and change them by hand.


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