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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


View full changelog here


  • Possible breaking API changes: Refactored casting costs, changed range values to double
  • Add Dragon Ball spell (shoots an Ender Dragon fireball)
  • All mana-related configuration and properties changed from "xp" to "mana". Should be backwards-compatible.
  • Improved ender dragon targeting, fixed ender dragon direct damage
  • Add support for spells consuming SP to cast
  • Tweaked Petrify spell, add 2 more levels
  • Add "/mitem type" sub-command for changing an item's type
  • Fix wands interfering with infinite potion effects added by other plugins
  • Changed "mode_cast" property of wands to "quick_cast". Backwards compatible.
  • Add more customization options for wands, each of left/right click, drop and swap can now
    be assigned a specific function from cast, toggle inv, cycle hotbar, cycle spells.
  • Add Lightsaber configs (W.I.P.)
  • Added EquationEffect to EffectLib, for creating custom effects


  • Falling blocks won't cause physics updates if the spell that launched them doesn't
  • Some fixes to tracking attached blocks, particularly fire, for undo


  • Fix the default wand having no mana- SORRY about that!
  • Fix issues with cooldowns resetting when they shouldn't
  • Fix welcome_wand feature
  • Add "Capture" spell- Conduit (staff) only for now. Captures any mob into a spawn egg.
  • Add support for a few attributes to the /mitem command (attack damage, attack speed, movement speed)
  • Add "Philbert Egg" item, a charged creeper egg. DANGER!
  • Add "mobshop" for selling mob eggs, several more custom spawn eggs
  • Add relative location support to the "mmob spawn" command


  • REQUIRES Spigot build 697 or higher!
  • The offhand swap button (F) is now used to cycle hotbars
  • Fix brooms


  • Add craftable Ocarina item (Thank you, SexyToad!)
  • Cloak of Invisibility is now invisible while worn
  • Fix wand effect_bubbles
  • Add items.yml, configuration for setting up non-wand items and item values
  • Add new permissions: Magic.wand.overwrite, Magic.wand.overwrite_own for controlling "/wand save"
  • Default wand is now called "wand" rather than "default"
  • Added "/wand delete" command for deleting saved wands
  • Add /mitem command:
  • save : Save your held item, can be used in crafting, /mgive, etc
  • delete : Delete a saved item
  • describe : Show item details
  • name : Set a custom display name for an item
  • duplicate : Clone an item
  • worth : Show how much an item is worth, can be defined with /mitem save
  • add/remove : Add and remove lore, flags, unbreakable, enchants (coming soon: attributes)
  • Add "hylian_shield" item (non-magical, just a cool Link shield)
  • Add "trinketshop" including several decorative player skulls (try /mgive aquarium)


  • Add "Glide" spell- an instant Elytra!
  • Add "bypass_upgrade_commands" permission, useful for staff if your command contain rank-ups
  • Lift now applies the Levitation effect when used on a mob/player
  • Add Elytra crafting recipe, disabled by default
  • Add attributes support for magic mobs (used only on Mutant Captain for now)
  • Fix issues right-clicking signs


  • Fix issues with pasting signs in schematics (Fixes Wolf House crashing clients!)
  • The mana bar is now completely virtual, should fix compatibility issues with other plugins
  • Levitate deactivates on dismount rather than crashing (for now?)


  • Fix Magic Hat appearance
  • Fix wands not being craftable
  • Fixed wands being placeable in droppers
  • Only bound+undroppable wands are completely undroppable now, but can be put in ender chests
  • /wand restore won't restore wands that you have in your ender chest


  • Dropped support for 1.8!
  • Wands in the offhand slot can cast spells with right-click. Dual-wielding wands!
  • All wand templates changed to "Q to drop" by default! This is to support the off hand.
  • Fix sounds not playing
  • Fix PermaFrost and Forest spells, biome lists needed updating
  • Add custom villager recipes to magic mob spawning. Yay economy rebalance!
  • Tracking Sense now applies the glowing effect to the target entity
  • Fix for Arrow-based spells
  • All wand icons moved to the wooden hoe, other icons are now normal craftable items.
  • Add enable_resource_pack_check option to work around new RP behavior where it won't update on changes.


  • 1.9 Fixes:
  • offhand/armor getting wiped
  • broomsticks (mostly) unbroken
  • offhand spell-equiping exploits


  • Added support for Spigot 1.9
  • Added /mmob spawn command, for spawning vanilla or custom mobs
  • Added mobs.yml, mobs.defaults.yml - for creating custom Magic Mobs
  • Magic Mobs can have custom equipment, health and display names
  • They can also randomly cast spells!
  • Use the MagicWorlds plugin if you want to spawn them randomly in your worlds
  • Added /wand commands: bind, unbind
  • Added /mage command: unbindall
  • Re-balanced Engineer and Architect mana, Architect spell prices. All icons made unique.
  • Fixed exploit with Monster+Shrink/Grow, added Shrink and Grow back into spell paths.
  • Fix Rollback giving back blocks for Architect spells cast with a Manifestation wand


  • Move Tag back to Beginner, but it requires a sign.
  • Brooms now used tamed horses, which should play nicer with WorldGuard regions that block mob spawning.
  • Add SuperBackup, Backup is now a simpler one-click cast
  • Add Architect Staff, a wand for admins with architect spells
  • Rebalanced SP costs for longer progression
  • Moved Portal, Anvil to Engineer (for now?)
  • Fixed issue with spell shops and spell permissions
  • Fix "block crack" particle FX
  • Make Sandblast a projectile spell


  • Enchanting paths can have a simple list of spells instead of a probability map
  • Change "max_damage_reduction" (and related) to "max_protection" (this has apparently been broken for a while!)
  • Updated Meteor Shower to use CustomProjectile (EPIC! Thanks, Droobledore!)
  • Added destructible2 and destructible3 lists, no non-engineering spells use check_destructible: false anymore.
  • Add more levels to Breach, Peek and Sandblast
  • Updated admin wands, added developer wand.
  • Added SuperGather (old-school Gather), PhaseBackup - admin/dev spells, SuperPhase
  • Add Town support to Recall (Towny)
  • Add CreatePlot action, for automatic Towny plot generation
  • Fix XP-based shops
  • Update to work against latest PreciousStones
  • Added "undo_speed" parameter, many spells that break blocks no undo slowly instead of all at once.
  • Spells respect PreciousStones protect_mob/villager/animal flags
  • Update Shuriken to be a bouncy custom projectile
  • Add "sp:amount" format for giving SP as items, e.g. "/mgive sp:100"


  • Add sound FX on SP earn.
  • Fix GUI actions deactivating the wand (e.g. Recall, brush selector)
  • Add support for selling multiples in shops. Kind of hacky right now, like "carrot_item@64: 100"
  • Add spell-overrides region flag, for region-specific spell tweaks (e.g. broom max height)
  • Add mob protection to Towny integration
  • Added "console" parameter and @p, @pn etc replacement to Recall commands
  • Fixed issues with wands feeding mana into enchanting tables when enchanting other items


  • Fix long-standing occasional undo issue
  • With thanks to the grief-o-tron 9000:
  • Improved physics handler (to keep Bubble from popping, mainly)
  • Add skill point system.
  • By default, SP's are displayed above the mana bar while holding a wand (see: config.yml, sp_display)
  • Some spells reward SP's for successful spell casts
  • SP's can be spent to purchase new spells (The spellshop now works with SP by default)
  • Players can access the spell shop and upgrades GUIs via an enchantment table
  • When purchasing a spell from a spell shop, player's wands are upgraded a little
  • Add alternate_up_parameters, alternate_down_parameters and alternate_sneak_parameters.
  • Store player EXP and level in backup data, in case of server crash with active wand
  • Changed /magic commands to /mage:
  • debug, check, configure, describe
  • add "delete" command, for completely resetting a player data (does not affect wand items!)
  • Add default messaging for shops and shop-related actions
  • Add "apply_to_wand" and "require_template" parameters for shops, so you can require wands/paths without upgrades
  • Disabled combining wands on an anvil by default (use enable_combining: true in config.yml to change back)
  • Add option to only apply "magic" damage to other players, never to entities (use magic_entity_damage: false)
  • Add "Test Dummy" spell, summons some poor villagers for spell testing purposes.
  • Add Magic.wand.use.protected and Magic.wand.use.powered permission nodes, true by default
  • Fixed some very specific item-drop exploit issues with attached blocks
  • Fix wand dupe issues with inventory mode and armor stands with arms
  • Add "destructible" and "reflective" custom flags, for region-specific reflect/destruct behavior
  • Add enable_libsdisguises config option, to turn off LibsDisguise integration


  • Add "fxdemo" spell, to demo all of the EffectLib FX (well, most of them)
  • Converted spells to projectiles:
  • Magic Missile
  • Curse
  • Silence
  • Torture
  • Kill
  • Boom
  • Frost
  • Disarm
  • Fire
  • Bubble
  • Blob
  • Disintegrate
  • Blind
  • Petrify
  • Poison
  • Added Homing Missile spell
  • Added Sticky Bomb spell
  • Added Whip spell
  • Add hidden "Projectile" spell for testing CustomProjectile actions
  • Implemented break mechanics for projectiles (Reflect, Shell, Blob, etc)
  • Spells and projectiles now hit (and reflect off of) the actual block intersection location
  • Allow @p and @t as simple CommandAction parameters (same as @pn and @tn)
  • Fixed some performance and timing issues with the scheduler
  • Added tab-completion to /wand override command
  • Added Cancel action, for cancelling a target's in-progress spell.


  • Add CustomProjectile action, re-work Kill spell and Blaster item
  • Add /wand save command, for saving an in-game wand back to a template configuration
  • Add "particle_range" config option, increase visible particle range by default
  • Add "wand_self_destruct_key", for self-destructing old wands after a reset
  • Update bending configs
  • Add Air Scooter, Breath of Wind, Air Bomb, Enhanced Speed
  • Add Water Whip, Ice Shield
  • Add Earth Line, Compression
  • Update powers to canon names and descriptions
  • Add support for EffectLib variables (see: frost)
  • Add "targetable" parameter for a targetable block type list
  • Undo action "target_self" parameter changed to "target_caster"
  • Fix /mgive blink|2 (giving spell-level items)


  • The Magic.commands.mskills permission (for /mskills) now defaults to op-only
  • Added several new tweakshop actions to configure quick-cast and drop/right-click modes
  • Add Cursed Meat item (use it if you dare dare dare dare!)
  • Add Debugger spell, for debugging spell issues
  • Fix/Restore previous /cast command behavior with cooldowns
  • Add mana_display: none option, to turn off the XP mana display
  • Add skills_use_permissions option, to use the /mskills menu with Magic spells
  • Add /magic list entities command, for showing entity bounding boxes and HP by type
  • Tweak entity hitboxes a bit, should be a little easier to hit now
  • Add new spell (currently unobtainable), "One-Way Ticket to Boomstown"
  • Fix duplicate spell icon issue with chest mode


  • Several fixes/changes to wand tracking. Hoping this fixes a slew of wand dupe/glitch bugs.
  • Create pluggable player data system. Currently just an API, eventually may allow for DB storage.
  • Add global cooldown (Exhaustion) option, apply to Kill spell
  • Add ApplyCooldown action, resurrect Silence spell
  • Confusion no longer prevents spell casting (by default, use bypass_confusion: false if you want to switch it back)
  • Add some new sound effects
  • Add Cure Level 3, to cure Silence
  • Separate console/command-block reductions, console casts no longer have cooldowns by default
  • Add Wave and Shuriken spells
  • Add "Quick Cast" option to spells, apply to Sunny Day and Night spells
  • Add support for upgrades that change wand templates and icon behavior


  • Changed icon for architect wand, you may need to tweak existing ones with
    /wand configure icon gold_pickaxe
  • Changed icon for invisibility cloak back to ender eye
  • Fixed PVP checks with GriefPrevention integration
  • Add Blaster item, very WIP


  • Add Nuke Level 2 (Breaks all block types, larger radius)
  • Add Smite spell (Lightning effect + Blast + Ignite/Damage)
  • Fix Recall using ad-hoc warps via "/cast recall warp <warpname>"
  • GriefPrevention integration now checks for PVP not being allowed in player claims
  • Disarm will undo if you change items (but not if you move them around)
  • Add "rage" sword, gathers mana via damage
  • Add "requires" parameter for NPC trait, for item cost requirements
  • Add per-recipe crafting permissions (e.g. Magic.craft.broomstick)
  • Add Vault-based economy costs to spells ("currency" in costs)


  • NOTE: Reflect will need "axis: z" added to its parameters if you've got your own configs
  • Add Tendril and Ghast spells (master level)
  • Fix Sandblast
  • Tweak Nuke and Tornado
  • Add auto-undo to Disarm spell
  • Add LibsDisguise integration, most spells cannot be cast while disguised.
    This can be controlled via the "allow_disguised" parameter on spells.
  • Fix/Tweak shapes of Shell and Walls
  • Add max_enchant_count option for wands, see "starter" wand
  • Add skeleton_type parameter to SpawnEntity action
  • Add "ghast" spell, mainly for playing with the SpawnEntity action
  • Add arbitrary rotation for constructions, used in new "Tendril" spell
  • Spells won't target armor stands (use target_armor_stand: true to change this in a spell's config)
  • Wands can have colored names with & codes


  • Fix falling block velocity
  • Add much more detail to /help for Magic commands
  • Levitate will auto-deactivate upon landing
  • Add cooldown/re-cast timers to hotbar
  • Add item requirement option for the enchantwand NPC trait
  • Some changes to enchanting to allow for upgrades that don't always give a new spell


  • Fix "upgrades" spell, NPE on creating spell items outside of wands
  • Fix mob spawner dupe issue with SilkSpawners
  • Fix a spell dupe bug/exploit with creative mode


  • Update to latest Citizens. This may not be backwards compatible, but should
    work with recent Citizens versions.
  • Fix very short range of custom sound effects
  • Fix NPC "caster" parameter
  • Fix rate of active spell costs
  • Add BlockPhysics plugin integration (WIP)


  • Fix horrible recursion error on physical damage with a wand
  • Check for schematics in the Magic/schematics folder.
  • Add "/magic list schematics" command
  • Fall back to chest mode when in creative
  • Fix yet another item-frame-related dupe exploit
  • Some more chest mode fixes


  • Fix Rocket Boots getting you kicked for flying
  • Several performance and memory optimizations
  • Proper rollback and replication of armor stands
  • Fix projectile hit FX
  • Some fixes for wand melee damage and short-range spell casting
  • Fix the Wolf House and other single-use items that build things
  • Brooms now crash properly in water instead of leaving you in a weird state
  • Fixed/Improved Lockette integration


  • Disable NCP integration by default, fix concurrency issue
  • Disable wand melee damage (except swords)
  • Fix NPE when blocking with a non-magic sword


  • Remove the "elder" wand from survival configs. Just use the Wolf! (or copy it back in if this is a problem for you)
  • Add flight exemptions for NCP and vanilla flight checks for Fling and Lift
  • Add /mserver command, useful for moving other players between Bungee servers
  • Fix Hat eating your helmet if you cast it on water or lava
  • Fix some Master Sword glitches
  • Add some protection against losing player inventories on server crash
  • Balance/Fix Disintegrate, Torture, Monster/Familiar/Mob/Farm (add auto-undo)
  • Add smarter handling of "sound" property in FX, deprecate custom_sound
  • Disable crafting of a gold sword by default
  • Fall protection (and other protection) will protect your mount as well (Fling+Mount!)
  • Chests locked with Secure are now unbreakable unless you have the key
  • Brooms/Levitate no longer re-activate on login. Fall protection will, though.
  • Tracking Sense will prefer Players versus other mobs
  • Add Star Wars configs - Work-in-Progress!


  • Magic is now targeted for 1.8. See for 1.7-compatible builds.
  • Fix Blink/Phase taking you to the top of the nether
  • Make Secure keys unplaceable, aim up and cast for a replacement key
  • Brooms use the 3D model while riding
  • Fix command-block casting and automata with Factions and Lockette
  • Magic Sword, Invisibility Cloak and Night Vision Goggles all have a custom item model
  • Renamed Magic Sword to Master Sword, spells now upgradeable
  • Master wand now gets the engineer item, architect has a staff
  • Add some new mechanics for the Master Sword
  • Fix custom configurations with randomized enchanting
  • Add "Clear Effects" item to color shop
  • Multiple wands will be tracked for "/wand restore"
  • Broomsticks are now bound to the player, as is the Master Sword


  • Cure casts no longer count towards level up unless it has something to cure
  • Wound now does physical damage (added magic_damage parameter to turn this on/off per spell)
  • Non-engineering spells now cancel and deactivate if you let go of your wand or are Cursed
  • Schematics load asynchronously
  • Fix build/break permission checks on incendiary/exploding projectiles
  • Turned off pvp restrictions on most spells, preventing targeting players in PVP regions
  • Add support for Towny warzones, friendly fire, and arenas
  • Fix an item frame related dupe exploit


  • Separate break/build permissions- check MIGRATION log.
  • Expanded Towny integration, added "towny_wilderness_bypass" flag.
  • Add ability to apply damage directly via a FallingBlock hit to ThrowBlock and ModifyBlock
  • Some quick-cast fixes (Stash spell)
  • Fixes to enchanting progress with disabled spells (disabling Rollback will disable upgrading to Engineer now)
  • Add Secure Level 2
  • Added Tree to the Engineering path
  • Nerf stream, earth- add Stream Level 2 and 3
  • Fix an item dupe issue with /give'ing items directly into the wand inventory
  • Fix wands eating XP given directly to a player


  • Add quick-cast from inventory, hit Q on a spell.
  • Add brush selector paging
  • Fix wand duplication glitch on certain death cases
  • Fix compatibility with Scavenger plugin
  • Add "use_magic_damage" config option to turn off "magic" (splash potion) damage source
  • Fix XP scale to 1.8 standards (effects XP-based shops)
  • Add "regenerate_while_inactive" config option to turn off wands regen'ing mana while not held
  • Tweaks: Push, Mine, Flash Bang, Flare (lvl 2)

  • Hotfix for 1.7 compatibilitiy
  • /mmap list supports regex searching
  • Add /mmap player command for creating player portraits without the Camera spell
  • Add Lockpick spell (admin-only)


  • Add "mmap" command for dealing with image maps (load, give, list)
  • Add ability to import Pixelator images into Magic
  • Optimize '/magic load'
  • Tweak spell FX so they originate at the wand and end at the actual hit location
  • Fix issue with inventory-mode wands when the default mode is chest
  • Fix glitchy Admission behavior
  • Add Secure spell
  • Add Levels 2 and 3 to Wound, Kill and Torture spells
  • Support animated GIFs in image maps (though you may not want to use it, bandwidth hog!)


  • Fix very short visibility range of firework effects
  • Add "command" trait for simple command NPCs
  • Group /mskills skills by class
  • Fix losing your broom if you die while riding
  • Add "/mtrait invisible" for invisible NPCs
  • Add configurable entity hitbox dimensions
  • Some fixes the player death / inventory handling for compatibility
  • Update Elder wand to be more like the Wolf
  • Update Student,Apprentice,Master,Engineer and Architect wands to match enchanting paths
  • Add Wand Shop


  • Restore custom icons!
  • Add Magnetic Leggings
  • Try to work-around other plugins (/hat) putting the temporary hat in the player's inv.
  • More fixes to chest mode
  • Fix blocks not dropping when placed inside a magically constructed house
  • Some fixes to death behavior that may have interfered with other plugins
  • Fix loading banners from schematics
  • Add page# to /mskills command
  • Fix errors sending firework effects to other worlds


  • Temporarily turned off custom item icons due to complications with 1.8.4 client changes.

  • Added Heroes integration (can use Heroes skills with the "heroes" wand or /mskills items)

  • Added Hulk Boots
  • Add Cleric's Robes
  • Allow crafting recipes for spells, brushes and normal items
  • Firework effects are produced entirely client-side.
    Hoping this addresses some "entity tracker" lag a few servers have been seeing. It might not.
  • EffectLib now runs effects asynchronously. Should help with lag from spamming complex effects like Helix.
  • Fix "indestructible: false" on wands not working
  • Hunters will mostly usually clean up after themselves on death
  • Some fixes to EMP and SuperEMP
  • Add allowed-wands and blocked-wands custom region flags


  • Fix chest mode (some spells not showing up)
  • Fix a potential conflict with other crafting plugins


  • Fix running on CraftBukkit 1.8
  • Added tons of new items (available in the "magicitemshop")
  • Add Wizards' Robes set (chainmail armor, grants +10% mana each)
  • Add Apprentice Robes set (chainmail armor, grants +5% mana each)
  • Add Rabbit Boots, Rocket Boots, Flash Boots
  • Add Invisible Cloak
  • Add Night Vision Goggles
  • Add Diving Helmet
  • Magic Hat grants +10% mana regen and +20% max mana
  • Fix item shop "price" lore not being removed when purchasing
  • Removed wand health/hunger regen and haste properties. Replaced by potion effects, wands should auto-migrate.
  • Removed Gills from the enchanting path (in favor of Diving Helmet item)
  • Fix another Rollback exploit (Thanks, LordBoos!)
  • Fix wands wiped if logout on death
  • Some general safety precautions for saving player data, not sure if it fixes anything


  • Add GriefPrevention support
  • Add Walls and SuperCylinder spells
  • Some fixes to prevent exploits and bugs with double chest rollback
  • TNT, fireballs and thrown blocks won't affect a protected region
  • Fix Chop and Mine recursion, add more levels
  • Add support for custom-named physical currency
  • Add Magic.wand.enchant and Magic.wand.craft permissions (true by default)
  • Add native schematic loading- supports paintings, item frames, flower pots, and more.
  • Removed WorldEdit soft-dependency
  • Fix some chest mode issues, remove "fake hotbar"
  • Add Magic.undo_others permission node for Rollback spell
  • Some additional protection for dragging items in a GUI
  • Remove unused "signs" parameter from ConstructSpell, using raw NBT for sign updates now
  • Some fixes/improvements to Blink
  • Magic Hat now grants a 20% max mana boost
  • Added Tornado Level 2


  • Fix Magic Hats disappearing, make them craftable (nether star + leather helmet)
  • Magic hats now perform one of a random set of actions
  • Add configurable list of entities to auto-undo. Now includes armor stands and dropped items.
  • Re-balance enchanting and economy a bit
  • Fix restoring chest contents creating glitched "0" amount items
  • Fix items sometimes dropping from exploded chests set to auto-undo
  • Remove "bounce" spell
  • Add support for commands in Recall (for /f home, /spawn with warmup, etc)
  • Fix Recall putting you in the ground/walls sometimes
  • Add basic physical economy to shops (defaults to emeralds if Vault is not found!)
  • Add Broom shop and Automata Heart buyback shop


  • Fix mana regen rate (it's 4x what it should be)
  • Allow mana to regen while not holding a wand
  • Add Magic Hat item


  • Remove special characters from messages.defaults.yml files
    (Seems to be causing issues on Windows servers)
  • Various fixes for copying and restoring paintings and item frames
  • Add Gatling Gun spell
  • Add Tornado spell
  • Add Rocket spell - ride a firework
  • Add Forest spell - biome-specific forests
  • Add Firework action for launched fireworks with effects
  • Time spells are now undoable
  • Re-balance Laser, Stun and Curse
  • Action-ize several more spells
  • Add Magic.bypass_restricted permission
  • Allow overlapping spell FX
  • Fix SuperAlter
  • Allow wearing Banners with Hat spell


  • Hotfix for spell shop title issues and Laser auto-rollback failure


Check MIGRATION notes for important information on this release.
This applies if you have customized spells, or use MagicWorlds or dtlTraders.

  • Big under-the-hood changes to support batched actions
  • Lift spell works on entities
  • Fling works while mounted
  • Earthquake throws entities
  • Laser lasts for a few seconds, has continuous effect
  • Reflect works at arbitrary angles
  • Improved handling of config file errors
  • Spell shop improvements:
  • Added customized spell shops via "spells" parameter
  • See engineershop and architectshop
  • Add balance to inventory title
  • Has confirmation screen

This build only works on 1.9!