Magic 4.1


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    Feb 20, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.7.4


View full changelog here (important changes in 4.0 and above)


  • Added custom spell icons (!!!111oneone11!)
  • Fixed Counterspell
  • Allow for transparency in images on maps
  • Improved WorldGuard integration to properly handle flags set with -g member, -g nonmember, etc
  • Add instructional messages to the wand to guide new players.
  • Undo system improvements, will now handle flowing lava/water, falling blocks (again),
    and broken attachments (signs, torches, etc)
  • The Gather spell is now a wrapper for /tpa, to be less griefy
  • Fix Magic damage (magic missile, etc) against witches
  • Some fixes/improvements to Automata death behavior
  • Auto-undo explosions won't drop blocks
  • Fix the camera spell (new Mojang skins location)
  • Fixes/work-arounds for non-working player skulls (Shrink spell)
  • Fix compatibility with WGKeepInventoryFlags plugin
  • Fix locked wands (magic items) absorbing upgrades
  • Add "can't use" icons to spells in hotbar



  • Many default spells migrated to the new "action" system.
  • Default configs changed drastically, all auto-undo.
  • Enchanting path options changed from max_xp_max and max_xp_regeneration to max_mana and max_mana_regeneration
  • Commands in command spell parameters have changed slightly.
    (@t -> @tn, @p -> @pn for target and player names)


  • All of the particle effect names have changed (internal EffectLib change).
    There is a PHP script available to help migrate custom configs.
  • WorldGuard 6 or higher is now required for region support!


  • The "enable_creative_mode_ejecting" in config.yml now controls the creative mode special
    behavior. If you have "enable_custom_item_hacks" set to false, you probably want to set
    enable_creative_mode_ejecting to false also.


  • Some magic items (spells, upgrades) may need to be updated. Sorry!
  • The "xp" casting cost has changed to "mana" ("xp" is still valid, but consumes player XP)
  • If you have a completely custom spells.yml, search are replace "xp:" for "mana:" to fix.


  • Drop support for Cratbukkit 1.6 - 1.7.2 is now the minimum required version
  • Update to EffectLib 2.0 - all effect class names have changed


  • The configuration option "wand_enchantable_item" is now off by default. This means
    that wands won't change to a wooden sword when enchanting. If you are using a pre-1.7.9
    version of Bukkit, you may (or may not) need to put this option back in config.yml


  • The particle effect names have changed to the EffectLib versions is all places:


  • Enchanting is now customizable via multiple enchanting paths. If you had previously modified the "random"
    template in wands.yml, you will need to transfer your work to enchanting.yml.
    There are also now multiple different enchanting paths, review wands.defaults.yml,
    you will need to override "path" for wands if you want them to continue to all use
    the same enchanting path (now called "master").

  • Crafting is now customizable, there are several new recipes apart from the old
    blaze rod + nether star default. Please review crafting.defaults.yml and adjust
    accordingly, especially if you have a customized crafting configuration.