Magic 2.9.9


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    Apr 11, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.1
  • 1.6.4



  • Change enchanting range to 10 - 35 XP levels
  • /magic cancel will now cancel any pending construction batches
  • Add "Gasp" spell for underwater bubble (Thanks, kylieveronica!)
  • Some tweaks and improvements to Blink and Phase, won't passthrough bedrock
  • A lot of wand nerfing and balancing
  • Randomized effect colors for randomized wands
  • Add "/magic list autonoma" command
  • Claiming a wand (on an anvil) will set wands to "keep" and "bound" by default.
  • Add "Recall Token", the first magic item. Lets you cast Recall 10 times, and you keep it on death.
  • Automata will respect build permissions for WG regions and Factions claims
  • Mob spawners are now restricted, but copyable by supermages.
  • Add "powered" pnode for always-on superpower (for mods, mainly to bypass restriction list)
  • Updated Life spell, added Life 3D spell for some real mad science. (And for me to breed new Virus rulesets)
  • Add very basic beginnings of an API. Changed a lot of spell parameters for consistency.
  • Recall can now support CommandBook warps.
  • Renaming a wand on an anvil will clear its description.
  • Shrink will change a mob to a baby before it turns it to a skull
  • Add "wand duplicate" command


  • Enchanting is BROKEN in CB#3 of 1.7 - it will be cost-free. Don't use the enchanting if you're on that CB build.
  • Enchanting is a little wonky, due to having to swap out the item for an enchantable one
  • Combining wands on an anvil is glitchy but works (you have to click the empty result slot)


  • I removed the block populator. It will be part of a separate plugin, MagicWorlds:

  • I have renamed many of the default spell parameters, if you've been scripting, plesae check

  • I broke any Wolf House's you may have made already, sorry! (Related to the above- you can fix it by re-casting at the center of your control booth)

  • I removed many of the default wands, trying to de-clutter. If you were using any of them or want them back,
    simply copy+paste from here into your wands.yml file (in plugins/Magic):

  • I changed the "modifiable" flag in wand data to "locked" (and inverted it). If you had any un-modifiable wands in your worlds, they will
    now be modifiable sorry about that, please let me know if it's a concern (I'm assuming it's not) and I can add in some migration code.

I don't think anyone was using locked wands, hopefully not.

  • I renamed the bending wands- TAKE CARE if you were giving out the "air" "water" "earth" or "fire" wands- those are now
    the Master wands, not the Student!

Some general notes

At this point I will try and ensure that migration is generally hassle-free, and plugin updates are
drop-in. I am hesitant to integrate any kind of auto-updater, but if you wanted to automate pulling
from the latest devbukkit or DEV build, I will try to make sure that won't cause problems.

To be clear, to make migration easy going forward, generally do NOT copy and paste from the defaults
into your custom configuration file.

Proper customization involves only putting what you want to change into your spells.yml, wands.yml config.yml
or messages.yml (etc) files. The files in defaults/ are always loaded first, and what you've put in the
customized configuration files overrides them.

For instance, if you want to give "fireball" a 10-second cooldown, you would put the following in plugins/Magic/spells.yml

fireball: parameters: cooldown: 10000

Note that all duration values will be in milliseconds (not seconds or ticks).

If you copy and paste the entire defaults file (or even sections of it, like the definition of a whole
spell), migration may get trickier. I will sometimes change the class a spell uses, fix effects, tweak
icons, or something else that you probably don't really want to tweak.
If you've overridden the defaults, my changes won't have
any effect on your server, and that spell might break (or not get fixed) on update.

Going forward I will assume that you are following this rule when customizing. I'm not going to mention
every tweak I make to the default config files, because if you haven't overridden it, it shouldn't matter.

If you have overridden something, I'm going to assume it was intentional. I will try to summarize all of this
in the "admin instructions" section on devbukkit.