Magic 2.9.0


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    Jan 31, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


This is a really big update. I've tried to get the config files all representative of final release (3.0), so now is a very good time to start with Magic, especially if you plan to customize the configuration. See migration notes for more info.

  • Completely re-organize the config files. (MIGRATION NOTE!)
  • Add file cache for URLMap images.
  • Added disc, superdisc, dome and superdome spells.
  • Add "/magic clean" command to remove unowned lost wands.
  • Add owner to wand description, if no other description is present.
  • Add owner filtering to "/magic list" command.
  • Make arrows fired with the arrow spell short-lived. Kinda hacky.
  • Add option to age dropped items. Might try to make more specific in the future.
  • Tag spell adds to undo queue.
  • Undo system (and clone+replicate) handle signs, chests, and command blocks. Remove those from the indestructible list.
  • Don't allow building anything at all from the building list. Affects copy, clone and replicate.
  • Superconvert now only replaces the target block's material.
  • Fix a glitch involving dropping spells out of wands.
  • The phase spell will return you from The End, should work better in general.
  • Replace reload command with save/load
  • Some improvements to the frost spell.
  • Reset player walk/fly speed each wand tick (to override Essentials :P)
  • Fix wands losing their effect colors.
  • Dynmap will now show spell casts (enabled by default)
  • Allow wand randomization for levels past 40 - e.g. "80 levels" will add level-40 enchants twice.
  • Added "Column" (superiterate) spell.
  • Added "Neutron Bomb" spell, make wither apply wither effects (MIGRATION NOTE)
  • Prevent destroying wands via crafting.



The configuration files have been split up and reorganized, and magic.yml has been renamed to config.yml.
The defaults have moved to a separate folder, as have the data files (which you generally shouldn't edit).

Specific material list and block populator configurations have been moved into separate files for clarity.

Now would be a really good time to start with a clean, fresh install of Magic, and then re-apply your customizations, if any.

I am going to make a big effort from here out to keep the configuration format consistent, and only have a few things planned
before 3.0. The new additive configuration system, if used properly (only change what you need to change) will make migration
in the future much, much easier.


Chests and signs are no longer indestructible. The undo system will save their contents (though not across a reload, yet).
You can modify the indestructible material list in config.

Additionally, player data and image map data have changed, but this should be automatically migrated on first run.
Make sure you run some version of Magic 2.9.X before 3.0, I plan on removing the migration in 3.0. (Only really
important if you have image maps [camera spell]).

Detailed notes:

  • Potion effects (boon, curse) parameters now prefixed with "effect_"
  • Arrow, Sniper and ArrowRain spells now use ProjectileSpell (ArrowSpell has been removed)

Full migration notes:

  • Enchanting is a little wonky, due to having to swap out the item for an enchantable one
  • Combining wands on an anvil is glitchy but works (you have to click the empty result slot)
  • Using the creative inventory will destroy any wands you have :(
  • The Essentials sign integration is pretty hacky, but functional.