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# 8.1

## Migration Notes

- There was an off-by-one error in the Skip action. I'm hoping this won't have a big impact, but if this has
messed up the timing of your spells I apologize! You will need to increase the `skip` parameter by one, the
action was skipping once more than it should have been.
- PlayEffects and PlaySound no longer give cast credit. Use `effects_count_as_cast: true` to change this back
- Added "active_wand" target to ModifyProperties, won't switch wands by default
- The following wand properties were removed, and had been broken for a while- use `potion_effects` instead:
health_regeneration, hunger_regeneration, haste

## Major Changes

- Reworked broomstick:
- Crafting now requires a phantom membrane instead of an elytra
- Brooms start out slightly faster
- The broom skill now only increases duration and handling
- Add crafting recipes for two different upgrades, players must choose which one:
- Broom Booster, increases speed to previously levelled amounts
- Broom Glider, allows for infinite flight
- Reworked magic armor:
- Retired apprentice gear
- Apprentice gear crafting recipes no longer enabled by robes example
- Items and recipes will stay in case you want them or players have them already
- Wizard gear recipes changed to apprentice gear recipes
- Wizard gear no longer indestructible
- Wizard gear can be enchanted, does not come with enchantments
- Wizard boots cost 2x magic hearts, grant speed boost
- Reworking wand buffs
- Wand buffshop removed for now.
- Will be replaced by something else in the future.
- Players that have purchased wand protection will get to keep it for now, but my plan is to remove it in the
future and reimburse them in some way.
- If you want, you can set up an NPE using the `wanddebuffs` spell if you'd like players to be able to refune
the protection they bought. I am concerned about the possibility of abuse if players have been able to
duplicate wands, though.
- Builtin Magic Mobs Nerfed (mostly just reduced health)

## Other Changes of Note

- Re-worked Gather, added to beginner path as an optional spell
- Fling is no longer allowed while gliding (OP)
- Add "enchantable" wand property, allowing it to be vanilla enchanted
- Add instructions to builtin examples, will show how to use them when added
- Add alternate resource packs, available with the `/getrp` command
- Add buysellshop template for a combo buy/sell shop
- Allow potion_effects lists on classes and modifiers
- Added `/mnpc command` command to easily setup command NPCs
- Added Flare Level 3
- Modifiers can now be put on wand (see vader_lightsaber from stars example)
- Triggers can be put directly on classes and modifiers, work like mob configs
- Rankups will now be broadcast to the server by default.
Use `/mconfig configure path default upgrade_broadcast ""` to disable this.

## Miscellaneous Changes

- Add "jump" trigger (for players only)
- Add ignored_by_mobs wand/class/modifier property
- Add use_target_mage parameter to ChangeContext action
Useful for actions such as Selector and CheckRequirement that only use the mage context and not the target
- Improved spellbook inventory behavior
- Add "Magic.allowed_spell_categories" permission list, of spell categories a player may cast
- The Blind spell now makes mobs confused and lose track of their targets. Added upgrade levels to Blind.
- Poison now damages a little bit even if you're immune to poison
- PlayEffects and PlaySound no longer give cast credit. Use `effects_count_as_cast: true` to change this back
- Add allowed_entity_classes and denied_entity_classes parameters to CheckEntity action
- Add delay and warmup parameters and "wait", "teleporting" and "menu" effects to Recall
- Added "active_wand" target to ModifyProperties, won't switch wands by default
- Add rainbow/technicolor armor set (not craftable)
- Add "not_permission" requirement
- Add earns_cooldown_scale parameter, use in missile to make reducing or changing the overall sp cooldown easier
- Add /mage forget command, to make a player forget crafting recipes
- When selecting an effect color on the spellbook, it will apply to skill items when cast (it goes to the mage class)
- The `/mwarp import` command will now import name, description and icon from your Recall configuration
After using this command, you can remove the `warps` section from `recall` because they will be added automatically.
- Added the `/mwarp map` command, to add all of your Recall warps to Dynmap
- Fix using SkillAPI and Heroes attributes
- Add DeadSouls integration in Recall, also avoids items getting lost when picking up a soul with the wand inventory open
- Editor improvements, including in-game warnings and errors

# 8.0.3

- Fix NPE in legacy minecraft versions using ModifyBlock
- Another tweak to death handling to work better with keep-inv plugins (Dead Souls this time)
- Fix torches next to ore getting eaten by Mine spell
- Fix crafting issues on Bedrock