Magic 8.0


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    Nov 13, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


- See for important information! It's really important for this release!!

Note that some of the changes below may only apply to modern (1.16+) versions of Spigot.

## Important Notes

- Minecraft 1.16 will now use a new resource pack:
- If you want or need to turn this off, you can still update. Just put `example: 7` in your config.yml
- All icons and models now use CustomModelData instead of damage predicates
- Spells and magical items are represented by recognizable vanilla items
- Wands should now be much easier to use without a resource pack
- Combining Magic's RP with other RPs may now be somewhat more complicated,
so we have created a tool to do the work for you at
- Spells and wands now use a mix of vanilla and custom sounds
- Most magic crafting recipes have changed
- Now requires an intermediate item, the "Heart of Magic" - crafted with 4 emeralds and a diamond
- General Rebalancing
- Wizard gear buffed a bit
- Mana Talisman given some protection buffs
- Mana progression changed, slowed down and lowered cap
- Cooldowns tweaked on some spells

- Removed `add_uses` path parameter. You can use `uses` to add uses to an object via a path
(I really doubt anyone was using this, please let me know if I am wrong)
- Resource pack sending is now off by default. Players will be prompted on join about how to configure the resource pack.
- All players' resource pack preferences will be reset and stick to the defaults until they use the /getrp command
- Light spell added to architect path
- Magic torch crafting recipe enabled by default
- Magic torch can be thrown to provide a light source

## Improvements

- Web editor (beta)
- Use `/mconfig editor spell blink` to open an editor session for a specific spell
- Currently only spells are well supported
- Added `/mconfig example` command to easily add/remove example configs
- Can use `/mconfig fetch` to load remote configs such as BetterPotter
- Added `/mconfig reset` command to reset customized configs to the defaults (deletes your custom file, keeps a backup)
- The `/mconfig clean` command has been disabled (hopefully temporarily)

- Brush improvements (engineering configs)
- The Absorb spell now copies block data
- Brush inventory reorganized, wills how block data variants
- Better tab-completion for /wand(or mage) remove brush <some long brush key>

- Add NPC template system via mob configs
- Potter configs now have `ollivander` and `year1` through `year7` templates
- Can be spawned simply with `/mnpc add ollivander` and it's ready to go
- Added spellshop and healer NPC templates to survival configs

- Crafting recipes can be set to `auto_discover: true`
- They can also contain a list of other recipes that the player will discover once they craft a certain recipe
- Survival recipes are now automatically discovered as appropriate

- Classes and modifiers can now use `overrides` to modify spell behavior

## Fixes

- Fix using the replicate and clone brushes with the Place spell
- Fix pasting schematics with torches or other wall attachables
- Fix hotloading recipe changes, and optimize recipe loading
- Fix warps getting corrupted if the target world is not loaded at server start
- Fix secure/lockpick spells when non-opped
- Fix having multiple crafting recipes with similar ingredients
- Fix using `thickness` parameter with Volume action
- Disabled spell inventory quick-casting (using the drop button) by default
You can turn this back on with `allow_inventory_casting: true` but it is not recommended on modern MC versions,
since you'll also get a cast of the main spell.
- Fix blinking on top of the top half of slabs
- Fix wands not auto-opening on login if they were open on logout

## Other Changes

- SP items are stackable, as are custom skulls
- SuperConvert will now ignore block data (replace all leaves, water, etc without hassle) shift+cast to match data.
- Broomsticks are bound again, mainly so they can show instructions on first hold
- Add "reactivate" spell property, for spells that should reactivate on login.
Used for Levitate and broomsticks so you don't fall and die and relog
- Wand instructions updated to be more flexible, this may require some localization updates if you're customized
- Add "spawn" actions on SpawnEntity action, to run some actions after spawning the entity ("actions" runs on entity death)
- Decoy improved, added to apprentice path
- Add ignore_damage option for crafting recipes
- Add auto_block_state for ModifyBlock, used by Place spell, attempts to place a block as if a player placed it
- Add `/mwarp configure` command, used for Dynmap and Recall integration
- `/mwarp configure marker_icon portal` To add a warp to dynmap with the specified (built in to dynmap icon)
- `/mwarp configure icon diamond` to add a warp to the recall spell
- Add `/mwarp describe` command
- The `/mwarp go` and `/send` commands will try to load the target world if it is not loaded
- Add a third alt-cast spell to wands, for a total of 4 possible fixed spells
- Add SuperWalls spells to default configs
- Allow numbers (0 - 1) in reset_mana_on_activate wand property, to reset to a fixed number
- Improvements to LightAPI integration (magictorch)
- Add "cast_interval_cost_free" parameter to wands, interval ("aura") casts are no longer cost-free by default
- Add vault.enabled config property to turn off Vault integration
- Add appearance swapping for magic sword
- Add `show_name` parameter for mobs
- Improved combining various location transforms within a single ChangeContext action
- Add cast_console_feedback config option, /cast and /castp from console now will not print feedback
by default. This is to reduce log spam when using automated console casting from other plugins.
- Add support for phantom size
- Add support for using JSON to spawn mobs, e.g. `/mmob spawn slime{size:5}`
- Add `/mage promote` command for easily moving a player up a path
- Add mega_phantom mob to survival
- Add "random" option for villager_profession
- Add "slimefun" example, which will add RP items from this RP:
- Add "safe" example, which modifies the survival configs to avoid all world changes
- Add "search" effects to BlockSearch action, played for each step of the search
- The Absorb spell can now absorb most block types (changed from whitelist to blacklist)
- Added `page_free_space` wand property, if you want your wands to keep more space free when adding new pages
- Added CheckModifiers action
- Added "toggleair" modifier to architect path, toggles air replacement on/off for several architect spells
- Cars fall down go boom