Magic 7.6.3


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    Jul 23, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


# 7.6.3

- Support/Fixes for 1.13 (Mostly functional but maybe still risky!****)
- Known issues:
- Block undo doesn't properly restore certain block states (sign/torch/door direction, for instance)
- Bed in Tent schematic is broken

# 7.6.2

- The magic bow held by the archer mob is now inert (not useable)
- Add Factions support for friendly fire flags in spells
- Add support for villager professions in a disguised mob
- Fix cast messages not going to action bar
- Infer types in "/mitem configure", this allows vanilla items to be tagged as undroppable, or keep on death
- Fix dupe glitch involving [redacted for safety] chests

# 7.6.1

- Fix Growth crops not being harvestable
- Fix internal errors when placing a Wolf House
- Fix Lockette integration
- Fix Mirror Shield
- Fix double-casting when targeting an entity within arm's reach
- Fix shops with inline item name/lore definitions
- Some fixes to the ModifyProperties action
- Add CheckHealth action
- Allow actions on SpawnEntity which will run when the entity dies (See: kamikaze spell)
- Allow multiple commands in a command NPC via the ; delimiter
- Add SpawnEntity disguise_target parameter (See: decoy spell)
- Add support for colored potion icons (potion:AA00FF)
- Add mana potions to the RPG configs

# 7.6

- Fix Heroes integration
- Use 1.13 resource packs by default, unless running on 1.12 and using default configs.
- Fix some specific issues Multiply actions interfering with one another
- Add extraspellshop, for selling spells not included in the normal paths.
- Add Forest and Mob to Conduit and Wizard paths, respectively
- Fix scale parameter on sell shops
- Support attribute equations in wand properties and configs
- Fix incompatibilities with certain GUI plugins such as Jobs Reloaded
- Support custom items as spell/wand icons (doesn't really do much except let you define them in items.yml)
- Fix Capture when used on pigmen
- Nerfed Poison Arrow a bit
- Add "visibility" effect parameter, can be all (the default),origin or target.
- Fix random lag issues when spells are running on world save

# 7.5.4

- Add entity_attributes support to mage classes (e.g. classes can grant additional health, attack speed, etc)
- Add health_scale property to mage classes for scaled health display
- Support attribute equations in mage class properties
- Add drop_original_block option, on by default, blocks now drop when breaking magically modified blocks
- Fix wand cost/cooldown reduction not respecting the max settings in config.yml
- Add support for LockettePro
- Don't allow spamming Blink up into the air
- Fix strange behavior of Flash Bang when hitting multiple targets
- Fix exploits with certain spells (Stash, Workbench) quick-cast
- Add randomize_yaw and randomize_pitch spawner parameters
- Fix some issues restoring wands

# 7.5.3

- Add /mtrait mob <mob> command to attach a magic mob profile to an NPC (Sentinel spellcasting)
- Really allow spells to target Sentinel NPCs
- Cure level 5 can cure zombie villagers
- Tightened up alternate_up/down thresholds so it's harder to accidentally alt-cast
- Fix server lag when creating player skull items or blocks (update MagicArenas if you're using it!)
- Fix error on server shutdown if there are players riding brooms

# 7.5.2

- Fix Magic bow
- Fix renaming wands on an anvil
- Fix cost free not applying to magic bows
- Fix random missed spots inside of large Flood Fill casts
- Fix wands that are given spell levels via config losing those levels when adding a new spell

# 7.5.1

- Improve Flatten spell using a new reverse_spiral build type
- Multi-line message support to all of messages.yml using \n
- Colorized all path names, mainly for Placeholder API support
- Fix some odd effects when deactiving Boon
- Fix magic mobs using Arrow and other projectile spells
- Improved support for using attributes in base spell parameters (cooldown, range, etc will show correctly in lore)
- Fixed graduate spell list in potter configs
- Cars in war configs can now go up 1 block slopes, and don't go invisible when shot
- Add Growth spell (applies bonemeal in a radius)

# 7.5

- Please check for this release if updating! There were a few potentially breaking changes.

- Maybe 1.13 support (not tested yet)
- The survival configs are now contained in an example
- Defaults are mostly empty but load the survival example by default.
- The files put on your server in the defaults folder are the merged configs, and so will include survival as before
- This shouldn't affect most of you, but if you notice something weird about your custom configs please let me know!
- The map brush can now work with concrete, glazed terracotta and several other block types
- Add support for parrot variants in mob configs
- Fix mobs spawned with a disguise looking glitchy for 1 tick
- Add "cast.spells" property to automata
- Add "launch" trigger to magic mobs, support using magic bow spells (See: archer mob)
- Add "display_name" property to wands, for making a custom name (no spell info, etc)
- Allow for custom mob triggers, add Trigger action to trigger via spells
- Add support for custom currencies
- Currencies defined in config.yml, named in messages.yml
- Can be used in casting costs, Selector/Shop costs/earns, spell earning (in place of SP) and worth
- Can be given with /mgive, in virtual or item form (right-click item to deposit)
- Available via the API for plugins to add custom currencies
- Ledger action is now a dynamic book that supports all known currencies
- Add use_wand_color option to Firework action
- Colors can now use simple color names (red, blue, etc) or hex codes
- Add Raise and Flatten engineering spells
- Fix setting boolean values via /mage setdata, See:
- Add class_items option for classes, for items given when unlocking a class and taken away when locking.
- Fix specifying a custom item-based currency in config.yml
- Added Book and Cast actions (Thanks, MineStein!)

# 7.4.4

- Fix the switch_class option in a Selector menu keeping the menu open
- Fix Chop and Mine spells, broken in 7.4.3

# 7.4.3

- Add item pickup sound for items picked up with a wand inventory open
- Fix some issues with vanilla item attributes not stacking
- Added /mitem spawn command, for spawning magic items in the world (mythic mob drops, command blocks, etc)
- Fix a few ways players could wear skull-based spells
- Fix some strange behavior with riding a broom and chair plugins
- Limited-use wands will consume uses when their spell misses
- Fix Vanish action not working if a player relogs
- Mob configs support inheritance
- Fix some issues with certain actions getting cancelled and not cleaning up properly

# 7.4.2

- Fix breaking some plugins' auto-updaters
- Fix filled wands re-organizing their spell inventory
- Fix lore display of health and hunger costs
- Fix boon and levitate filling mana when the spell ends

# 7.4.1

- Fix Heroes attribute integration
- Add support for generic_knockback_resistance attribute on items
- Fix spawned mobs having no AI by default
- Fix annoying warning from PaperSpigot about crafting recipes
- Better handling for wearing pumpkins
- Add a couple of new parameters to Orient and ChangeContext actions

# 7.4

- Add /mauto command for creating "automatic blocks", or automata
- yes, I know, I already have a thing called automata...
- Create mobs spawners:
`/mauto add spawner`
`/mauto add spawner creeper`
- Create persistent effects:
`/mauto add fountain`
- More info:
- Add support for randomized drop tables to magic mobs
- Add "spawn" trigger to magic mobs
- Fix auto-targeting on Gatling Gun and Laser
- Fix sand blocks breaking in doubles

# 7.3.9

- Wands will now cancel their passive particle effects when deactivated, allowing for long-running effects while held
- Fix wand effect bubbles having lost their color
- Improve support for complex combined material lists
- Levitate now has a height limit, increases with level up
- LevitateSpell is deprecated, please use the new Fly action instead
- Fix issues toggling off spells that have levelled up
- Fix magic mob spawners

# 7.3.8

- Fix an unintentional behavioral change in undo animations that was introduced in 7.2
- Add support for falling block projectiles
- Fix issues using /reload command (still don't use it, though...)
- Add /mage clear command for clearing player inventories of magic items
- Add default_mage_class config option
- Improve and optimize Citizens integration, target Sentinel NPCs by default
- Add ModifyMaxHealth action
- Add ModifyMage action
- Add Chat and ClearChat actions (thanks, MineStein!)
- Add bypass_cooldown parameter
- Fix some issues with toggleable spells restoring health when toggled off
- Fix unstashable wands being stashable until held