Magic 7.3


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## 7.3

- Update visual FX for nearly all default spells
- All new high-res spell icons! Thanks to my generous donators!
- Added 3 new wand appearances, courtesy of lix3nn
- Add MP5 to war configs (Thanks again to Sidewalk and
- Master Sword changed to Magic Sword, new appearance added courtesy of lix3nn.
- New Master Sword item that works more like the Zelda equivalent.
- Fix issues using /wand save to override an existing wand with a modified version of that wand.
- Fix for FX that should go on a targets' eyes but use the old "use_hit_location: false" method. (See: Blind)
- Headshot FX now default to normal hit effects if not specified
- EffectLib updates:
- Added "transparency" option to ColoredImageEffect and ImageEffect
- Image effects can now load files from a URL
- Add ModifiedEffect, which allows you to parameterized any existing effect.
- Add "resource_pack_prompt" option to config.yml, and /getrp command for players to use to get the RP when they want it.
- Fixed sandblast
- Renaming a wand on an anvil no longer organizes its inventory (changed default option to false)
- Add active spell expression to Skript
- Add basic support for magic bows
- Fix wand_undroppable behavior with shulker boxes
- Fix sexist camera (wasn't working with alex skins)

## 7.2.5

- Magic mobs can now have a list of triggers, can cast spells or run commands on death/interval/damage.
- Magic mobs will now focus on the player that has damaged them the most
- Non-trivial magic mobs will despawn on chunk unload and shutdown
- Add support for clearing magic mobs from a specific location
- Add option to the wand buff shop to sharpen the the Master Sword
- Add physical protection option to buff shop
- Add Aggro action, to force a mob to target the caster (or the target, via some ChangeContext trickery.. see mob and monster)
- Add target_tamed property to allow spells to ignore tamed mobs
- The Cleric Chestplate now heals more the closer players are to the wearer
- Add hide_flags wand attribute for specific flag visibility per wand
- Enable headshots on husks, vindicators, evokers and illusioners
/mmob clear warlock 20 Clear all warlocks within 20 blocks of your location
/mmob clear all 20 0 64 0 world Clear all magic mobs within 20 blocks of a specific location

## 7.2.4

- Added "damage_type" parameter to Damage action, for using custom damage types.
- Changed bending configs to define earth/air/fire/water damage types, each bending class has protection against
its own elements.
- Implemented "weakness" and "strength" properties, which can be applied to classes or mobs for type-specific or overall
damage weaknesses or bonuses.
- Added optional count parameter to /mmob spawn command
- Added Skript integration:
- Some changes/fixes to how cost/cooldown reductions work
- They are mostly back to only applying to spells cast with the wand that has the reduction
- Passive wands (armor, generally) can have reductions that stack and apply to the mage, but I don't have anything
like that in configs.
- This was done to prevent possible exploits with certain cost-free wands by holding them in the offhand.
- Add "boostable" wand property for making wands that aren't affected by mana boosts

## 7.2.3

- Fix painterly resource pack
- Fix cooldowns on NPCs, console and command block casting
- Fix blast protection migration

## 7.2.2

- Another hotfix for weird behavior with offhand wands
- Broomstick progress gets stored on a new class instead of the broom item

## 7.2.1

- Hotfix for infinite recursion error when migrating legacy protection
- Make sure spellbooks don't put the spell name in their title
- Some improvements to /describe commands