Tired of confiscated unwanted items or blocks from your players, or having trouble with players using overpower mod items on your modpack server? MachinaBanItem allow you to deny players from using and crafting those items that you can configure easily just with one command!

You can configure items to be allowed in a single world, or ban it from all the game, deny from craft or just use or interact.

How to Install:

  • Put the plugin file on "plugins" folder
  • Start, restart or reload the server
  • Neat!


  • /mbi reload - Reload plugin bans and configuration
  • /mbi ban [action] [world] - Ban the item that is in your hand. [action] and [world] are optional, default values are [both] and [global].


  • machinabanitem.admin - Admin permission
  • machinabanitem.bypass - Permission to bypass all item blocks.

Attention: if you are editing the config file manually, world name needs to end with "|" for better detection. If you don't put "|",  plugin maybe don't work correctly.

The plugin have an API too, if you want to hook into your own plugin.
See API page for more information.


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