LyTreeHelper 3.0-SNAPSHOT


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    Jul 4, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


Todo for the next version:
- Api for custom tree and custom forest generators
- Finish the custom populator
- Fix the commmand aliases
- Add some debug functions
- Add option to disable drops on full destruction (only drop the destroyed source block);
- Rewrite the rest of the code (in progress) Todo:
  - Economy Support
  - Forest database

v3.0.0 (not released yet, only alpha)
- Initial setup to rewrite the whole code
- Rewritten core functions (permissions, economy, commands, ...)
    (thanks to sk89q for the nice command system and Vault for the great permission and economy libraries)
- Added a nice custom MCEdit schematic loader (thanks to sk89q for parts of the code)
- Moved the generator code out of the commands into it's own classes
- New configuration system (thanks to sk89q for his yaml utilities)
- Rewritten tree generator
- Rewritten plugin configuration files (well sorted settings)
- Rewritten tree detection methods (they're very fast now)
- Moved tree decetion into it's own class
- Rewritten drop management
- Moved drop management into it's own class
- Added all the new creatures to the spawn mechanism
- Rewritten apple drops over time

- Fixed priorities to work fine with WorldGuard, BigBrother and other plugins

- Added forest db
- Updated for minecraft 1.6
- Updated for different sapling and leave types
- Added mob spawn features
- More permissions

- Updated for craftbukkit #600+
- Removed some of the planed features, because a release for #600+ was needed (Removed: Spawn creatures in trees, custom drops with meta data e.g. redwool,) This features will be reenabled in v2.5 (next release, coming soon)
- Permissions is now optional
- Added max. tree radius

- Added high stack functionality (WARNING SEE CONFIG)
- Cleaned up the code
- Added ability to allow drops only if tree is harvested from top to bottom
- Added density option to /lyforest

- Fixed permissions typo

- Fixed some minor bugs
- Added permissions for generators
- Added generators for single trees and forests (/lytree and /lyforest)
- Added option to set max. tree size in blocks

- Fixed a typo
- Fixed show-config-on-start option
- Added drops for faster decay
- Fixed enable-full-wood-destruction for latest craftbukkit

- First release