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About LyTreeHelper

LyTreeHelper is a craftbukkit plugin which helps to handle trees on craftbukkit servers very easy. LyTreeHelper comes with a powerful set of functions and features, for example the powerful tree or forest generator, the highly configurable drops system and the MCEdit schematic world population tools.

LyTreeHelper Features

  • Custom drop features - LyTreeHelper lets you add custom drops to leaves, for timed drops too (Maybe, sticks? :) )
  • Full customizable drop system - Adjust the drop chances for each drop (apples, golden apples, leaves, saplings, ...)
  • Timed drops - Apples falling from trees? Yes, you can have this feature ;)
  • Easy to handle multiworld-support - Each world has it's own configuration file, which settings overrides the global settings, so you can setup LyTreeHelper for each world with your custom settings
  • Tree destruction - Cut that damn trees by destroying the ground connection
  • Powerful forest and tree generator - LyTreeHelper comes with a powerful great generator for forests and trees, you can generate every kind of tree or forest in minecraft
  • Full permission support - You can use each permission system which is supported by Vault (
  • Full economy support - You can use any economy system supported by Vault (, so let your members pay for destructing trees at one hit
  • Custom world populator - LyTreeHelper's powerful world populator uses MCEdit schematic files to populate your world(s) with custom trees, e.g. palms, only in specific biomes (e.g. palms on beaches) (Under Development)
  • Mob Spawn in trees after destruction - Harvesting whole trees by removing the ground connection is great, but too easy? Let creatures spawn inside the chopped tree

Is LyTreeHelper missing that little something that you need?

Ask! Or better yet, go to the Github tracker and tell me your great ideas or fork the project and add your feature! You can of course do this without consulting me, but I cannot accept pull requests that will break LyTreeHelper!


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