Lying Items

Want to spice up your minecraft? Try this plugin!

This plugin makes dropped items not levitate above the ground but lie on it. When you want to collect such an item you have to right click on it or (if you have enabled it in config.yml file) sneak above it.



Demonstration of this plugin:



Configuration file:
If you want to change some settings of this plugin you will have to open the config.yml file, which is located in the "LyingItems" folder, which is in the folder with all plugins.

Now I will describe the different options:


collect_items_when_the_player_is_sneaking: false/true

This option is responsible for whether the player can collect items while sneaking over them.


inform_the_player_about_the_lack_of_space_in_the_inventory_while_walking_and_sneaking: false/true

This option is responsible for whether the plugin should send a message to the player with information about the full inventory when sneaking over an item. (when enabled it can cause chat spam)

when enabled:

As of version 2.0:


the_time_after_which_the_item_disappears_in_seconds: <seconds>

After which time (in seconds) the lying item should disappear (default 300 seconds, i.n. 5 minutes). Set it to -1 if you want lying items not to disappear (may cause lag).



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