Lucky Blocks is a block minipulation plugin which narfs the drops emerald diamond redstone coal lapis gold iron blocks to drop more than one depending on fortune. if you look at any prison server that is big or professional they use fortuneblocks. It has the main package of lucky blocks. when you have fortune 1 or higher on a pickaxe and you mine emerald gold diamond iron coal lapis redstone blocks it will drop 1-8 multiple drops in one hit. so this plugin will make your server look very professional and unique. we added autosmelt!


  • No commands no hassel makes it easier for both of us.


  • There is no config I might add one in the future.


  • Absolutly none to make it so players get all of it by default.

Addons In The Future

  • Adding configged how many drops you want it to drop
  • Post more ideas in the comments

Bugs And Glitches

  • If you find any bugs or glitches please tell me (placing a block and mining it again dosent count as a glitch)

Servers That Use Me

  • This build is V.1.0


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