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A server plugin that will give returning players a configurable amount of experience upon joining the server. The default is 7 XP. If they are level zero when they join, and they have joined before, this will get them to Level 1 exactly. Features
  • Give returning players a configurable amount of XP
  • Configurable colors
  • Gives "Welcome to (servername)!" message to new players


As with most plugins, to install this you just drop the JAR file into your server's plugins directory. After the initial run, a folder will be created in the plugins directory named "LoyaltyExp", where your config.yml will be stored.


To configure this plugin, just open the config.yml with a text editor. Remember to retain YML formatting.

Plugin Enabled

This does exactly what it says. Set this to "true" for the plugin to be enabled, and "false" to disable.

Server Name

Just enter your server name here. This will be used when showing the welcome message to a new player. An exclamation point will be added after this automatically.

Welcome Back Message

This is just the message shown to a returning player.

Welcome Message Color

The color for the messages. Look here for color choices.

Amount of Experience to give player on login

This, again, is exactly what it says. This is the amount of XP to give to the player. THIS MUST BE IN NUMERICAL FORMAT ONLY SUPERPERMS COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS SUPPORTED


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