Loyalty Points only supports "SuperPerms", CraftBukkit's official permission framework. You'll need to use a permissions plugin that supports "SuperPerms" to use it with Loyalty Points. Here are some I know of:

  • bPermissions
  • PermissionsEx
  • Essentials GroupManager
  • And more.

By default all these permissions are set to "op", which means players with OP-status have all permissions, unless you change it.


Permissions packages:

loyaltypoints.userA set of permissions which include: loyaltypoints.check,, and loyaltypoints.playtime
loyaltypoints.adminA set of all the permissions.

All the Permissions:

loyaltypoints.generalGives access to the plugin (generally).
loyaltypoints.check.otherAllows player to check other players' points.
loyaltypoints.check.selfAlows the player to check it's own points.
loyaltypoints.nextAllows the player to check time left before update.
loyaltypoints.helpAllows player to see possible commands.
loyaltypoints.topLets you see who has the most points.
loyaltypoints.versionAllows player to check the version.
loyaltypoints.reloadAllows player to reload the config.
loyaltypints.playtimeAllows the player to check playtime.
loyaltypoints.setAllows player to set a user's LoyaltyPoints.
loyaltypoints.addAllows player to add to a user's LoyaltyPoints.