LorinthsRpgMobs v0.9.3


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    Feb 3, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Next I will be working on Armor at certain levels for more difficulty configuration! (Will be version 1.0.0!)

Beta 0.9.3

Note : If you do not use these plugins, you will not have any new features/changes. Otherwise enjoy and let me know if you run into issues!


  • Heroes Integration - default : disabled (please report if not working)
  • Heroes Config settings will be generated in your config at the bottom. (Enabled, PartyExperienceFormulas)
  • SkillAPI Integration - default : disabled (please report if not working)
  • SkillAPI Config settings will be generated in your config if already existing. (Enabled)

The new plugin support will allow you to tweak experience based on experience formulas in config.yml


Beta 0.9.2


  • Null reference when using /lrm spawnpoint set, in a world that doesn't have spawnpoints already


Beta 0.9.1


  • Fixed saving leveled regions


Beta 0.9


  • Auto Updater - Downloads updates for the plugin if allowed in config, or a user with the permission "lrm.update" to download the update using "/lrm update"
  • Config - AllowAutoUpdates: true/false (allows the plugin to automatically download updates and will be updated on next reload, false by default)
  • Level Regions - Huge update here! (Requires )
    • Requires :  World Guard/World Edit
      • If not found this feature will be disabled
    • New Commands - /lrm region [here/info/list/remove/set]
    • New Config settings
      • LevelRegions.{worldName}.{regionName}
        • Level : Sets the level of all mobs in the region
        • Disabled : Disable the zone
        • Names.{ENTITY_TYPE} : Overrides formatting, accepts color codes!


  • Requires Bukkit/Spigot 1.9+ if using LevelRegions features


Beta 0.8.4


  • Changed config setting for formulas to under Entity.Monster.TYPE.Formulas (supported within plugin, no action from owners/users)


  • Issue with entities not finding their exp formula fixed


Beta 0.8.3


  • Removing useless debug text from console outputs
  • Other code cleanup


Beta 0.8.2


  • Fixed issue where monster data in config was ignored previously (whoops)
  • Fixed a couple other small problems and updated the example config.yml


Beta 0.8.1


  • Color Code support for level name options
  • OverrideFormat option for names allowing you to remove formatting from specific levels.
    • e.g. "[Lvl.30] Zombie" can turn into "Undead Legion" without a level tag or any other options. Only takes {level} tags


Beta 0.8


  • Added /lrm command, works as previous versions
  • Added lrm.admin permission (for access to the lrm command)
  • Added /lrm spawnpoint commands (with info, list, set, remove subcommands)
  • Added color support to the name formatting
  • Added "DisabledWorlds" option for Animal/Monster group as well as specific entities
  • Refactoring of code


  • Some API access methods to be better contained/protected